Dong Sheng’s word reverie, the west of Qingzhou. The winter moon is twilight, and the exhibition is on the couch and the charcoal is burning. Fang set up a bonfire and invited his friends to drink, so he went to the house. When I went to a friend’s place, there was a doctor sitting there, who was good at making the pulses of the Taishen, and was diagnosing all the guests. At the end of the day, Gu Wangsheng Jiusi and Dong said: “There are many people in Yu Yue, and the strangeness of the veins is not as good as that of the two kings. The noble veins have low omen, and the longevity veins have prompt signs. This is not what I dare to know. However, Dong Jun is very real.” Surprised to ask. He said, “So far, a certain person is also poor at art, and has not dared to make decisions. May the two gentlemen be careful about it.” The two of them were horrified when they heard it at first. In the middle of the night, when Dong returned, he saw that the Zhaimen was closed, and he was very suspicious. When I was drunk, I remembered that I was busy when I was going, so I forgot to press the key. Before entering the room, let alone the fire, first put your hand into the quilt to check its temperature. As soon as he entered, he was tired of lying on the bed, startled, and folded his hands. In a hurry, it turned out to be Shu Li, Shaoyan and juvenile, and she was not a god. Ecstasy, the play explores the lower body, then the hair tail is repaired. Great fear, want to escape. The woman was awake, grabbed her arm, and asked, “Where are you going?” Dong Yi was afraid, trembling and begging, begging for mercy. The girl smiled and said, “What makes you afraid of me?” Dong said, “I am not afraid of the head but the tail.” The girl laughed again and said, “You are wrong. Where is the tail?” Then the meat is like fat, and the bones are childish. He laughed and said, “What’s the matter? Drunk and blindfolded, I don’t know what to do, so I falsely accused him of being like this.” Dong Gu liked her beauty, and at this point, he was more confused, but he blamed himself for the rightful mistake, but doubted that it came from no reason. The girl said, “Don’t you remember the yellow-haired girl in your eastern neighbor? It’s been ten years since I had moved here. At that time, I didn’t even get married: You are wearing a tiara.” Dong suddenly asked, “Qing Zhou’s Asoye?” The girl asked. “That’s right.” Dong said: “You said it, I seem to remember it. I haven’t seen it for ten years. I’m so slender. How can I come here?” , and unfortunately is the Wenjun. I am left with a concubine, and I have no place to rely on. I remember that the only acquaintance I knew when I was a child was the king, so I came to see each other. After a long time, my feet are ice-cold and my muscles are crushed, so I use the blanket to warm my ears, and I am fortunate to have no doubts.” Dong Xi undressed and slept together, feeling very contented. Yue Yu was getting thinner and thinner, and the family members asked strangely, but he didn’t know it. After a long time, the face becomes more fragmented, and it is feared, and the person who recreates the good pulse will diagnose it. The doctor said: “This is a demon vein. The death of the day before yesterday has been tested, and the disease cannot be dealt with.” Dong Da couldn’t stop crying, so the doctor had to acupuncture the navel and gave him medicine. He instructed: “If something happens, do it with all your strength.” Dong was also in danger. After returning, the woman smiled and asked for it. Su Ran said: “Don’t entangle each other again, I will die!” The woman was very ashamed, and said angrily, “You still want to give birth!” At night, Dong took the medicine and slept alone. Fearful, he moved to bed inside, and his wife and son guarded him. The dream is the same as before, the peeping woman has lost her place. After a few days, Dong vomited blood and died. Wang Jiusi was in the fasting, and when he saw a woman coming, he was pleased with her beauty and private. Interrogating himself, he said: “My concubine is a neighbor of reverie. The old man and his concubine were good, and they did not intend to die because of foxes. This generation of demons is formidable, and scholars should be careful to guard against each other.” After living for a few days, I was confused and infertile, and suddenly Meng Dong said: “You are a fox who are friends with your lord. You have already killed me, and you want to kill my friend. I have already told the underworld to vent this anger. Outdoors, don’t forget.” Awake and different. She said to the girl, “I am so sick that I am afraid of the gully, or I may persuade me not to have a room.” The girl said, “My life is longevity, and my room will be born. If I don’t live long, I will die without a room.” Sitting and laughing, Wang Xin couldn’t hold on , and chaos, but regret it, but can not stop. In the evening, when the incense was inserted into the household, the woman came to remove it. Ye You Meng Dong Lai shouted that he violated his orders. The next night, he secretly told his family to snorkel incense sticks outside after going to bed. The woman was suddenly startled on the couch and said, “I put incense again.” Wang Yan didn’t know. The woman got up in a hurry and became fragrant, and then destroyed it. Entering said, “Who taught the monarch to do this?” The king said, “Maybe people in the house are worried and sick, listening to the sorcerer’s ears.” The woman was hesitant and unhappy. The family peeks at the fragrance and burns it again. The woman suddenly sighed and said, “Your good fortune is good and generous. I mistakenly hurt Xie Si and ran to my son. Since my fault, I will pledge him to Ming Cao. If you don’t forget your good, don’t break my skin.” Stay and die. Candle, fox. Still afraid of his life, he shouted at his family members, stripped him of his leather and hung him. The king was very ill, and when he saw the fox coming, he said, “I will resort to Fa Cao. Fa Cao said that Dong Jun moved when he saw sex, and death was the crime; but he blamed me for not deceiving people, so he went after Jin Dan, and he was ordered to live again. Where is the skin?” Said: “My family doesn’t know, they have already gotten rid of it.” Hu said miserably: “I have killed a lot of people. It is too late to die today, but you are so patient!” Wang was in critical condition, and he was sick for half a year.

Dong Sheng


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