Young Master Long asked me to buy a sword, and I asked for a customized version of black iron for 500 taels of silver. I knew that he was going to compete with Zhang San, so I asked for 1,000. The son of the rich family and famous for many years, Zhang San is unknown, and the two have no relationship at all, but it is said that because Long Gongzi molested the female hero, he was insulted by Zhang San and could not come down to the stage, so there was a life-and-death duel three months later. Everyone in the world knows that Young Master Long took my sword, and they all say that Zhang San was defeated. The sharpness of the black iron sword is unparalleled in the world, and even I feel that Zhang San is defeated. 2 A sword buyer came to the door of the store, but he had no money. I heard that he had a life-and-death duel with someone three months later. As for whether he is Zhang San, I am not interested. He had to ask me to sell him a sword, so I asked him to work for me for three months. For the past three months, I have been asking him to cast a sword for Young Master Long. Of course he didn’t know. The money is very comfortable. 3 swords are fine, but the kid went out today with his left foot, so I told him that he had no wages for three months. Only gave him the hammer that had worn him bald. Long Gongzi was very happy to get the sword and gave me a lot of money. This sword cuts iron like mud and is unparalleled in the world, and he will definitely win. But he lost. It is said that he lost to a hammer. Every time the hammer and the sword struck, they hit the soft underbelly. Seems like a natural nemesis. 4 Stone City was broken, and General Stone died. As the name suggests, the general stone soldier is like the stone in the pit, stinky and hard, upright, and has long been a thorn in the side of the traitor. When he was taken to Stone City, the traitor deliberately dragged the army’s pay. He was helpless, and even sent the family sword to me and exchanged it for a hundred good swords. I was very curious about the origin of the sword. He told me that when his family was destroyed, his parents stood in front of him and threw the sword to him, and he only had time to say a word to him. “Child, live. Everything will be fine.” And the one who slaughtered his family was the current prime minister. So the traitor kept wanting him to die, so he died. 5 A soldier in a tattered uniform appeared at my door. He came to ask me for General Shi’s sword. He said that the night the city was broken was also the night the imperial censor came, someone opened the city gate and let in the aliens who were ambushing outside. And this censor was sent by the prime minister. I didn’t give him the sword because he had no money. I just gave him a piece of cake and asked him how the general died. The soldier said that General Shi finally stood in front of him, with his arms outstretched and his body heavy with arrows. General Shi turned back and said to Xiaobing: “Child, live. Everything will be fine.” Six Xiaobing survived hiding in the dead body, and he wanted to avenge everyone. He needs that sword. The story is nice, but it’s a pity that he has no money to redeem the sword. Not even a single pie. So I sent him to Baijian Villa to become a swordsman. Sword practitioners who enter Baijian Villa can only come out alive after countless fights. But as long as he can come out, he is the best swordsman in the world. When I parted, I gave him a book of broken swords. This sword score belongs to Hajime. I believe the fastest sword in the world can help him survive. He asked when I could give him that sword. I told him to wait until he beat me, or had enough money. He asked me what else to say. I thought about it and told him. “Child, live.” As for whether everything will be okay, I don’t know, but I know that as long as I live, there will be hope. 7 That year, I found a piece of “Heming God Iron”. This piece of magic iron will vibrate and squeak under the internal force. After a whole piece of iron is separated, even if it is separated by a hundred miles, as long as one input internal force vibrates the other will follow the low sound. Ming. At that time, Mr. Qi Da was still the second junior brother of the Kongtong School. When he married his senior sister Zhao Lingling, the Wuyue Sword School specially asked me to customize the dragon and phoenix double swords, using this black iron. Since then, the young couple from the Qi family have walked around the rivers and lakes. One of them is in danger and draws a sword. Later, Mr. Qi Da became the head of the Kongtong faction and stopped fighting and killing, and Mrs. Qi came to me again and remade the Fengjian into a bladeless sword. This sword is shaped like a stick, with dragon scales and phoenix feathers engraved all over its body. I know that kendo masters can use all things as swords, but the Qi family and their spouses have not yet reached this level. Curious in my heart, I asked what use it was when handing over the sword. Mrs. Qi’s face was like pink, and she whispered: “May the sword have no edge, and the world has no competition.” It is really embarrassing that a female classmate has such a realm. And her face, because of this world’s great wish, became more and more red. 8 Xie Yanke went around looking for medicine and medicine for the sake of his heirs, and at the end of his half-hundred years he got a daughter, which is regarded as the jewel in his palm. But after the girl was born, she became ill, crying every night, and blood stasis all over her body. Xie Yanke asked the witch god for this girl back then, and then begged the witch god to tell him that he was destined to have no successor. This girl was stolen from the underworld by the witch god. Therefore, the ghosts came night and night to punish them with a hundred lashes until they were brought back to the underworld. If you live to adulthood, you will be exempt from this punishment. Xie Yanke begged bitterly and begged for the incense of the soul. At night, he sat in front of his daughter’s bed and lit it, and his soul came out of his body. Xie Yanke was unarmed, not a ghost, so he found me. I want to ask for a sword that can penetrate yin and yang. Coincidentally, I really have it here. This sword is called Zhong Kui, and I got it by accident. Always waiting for someone to be with you. 9 Zhong Kui sword, through yin and yang. This is the only one in the world. I gave it to Xie Yanke and asked his daughter to return it when she was eighteen years old. Later, Xie Yanke died, and there was not a piece of good meat on his body, all of which were old and new welts. After many years, a young girl found me, her name was Xie Yuyan. I know that she is Xie Yanke’s daughter, and I wonder how she would have survived without Xie Yanke’s protection. The girl told me that after my father died, my mother took over my father’s shift and guarded her at night. “As far as I know, your mother doesn’t know martial arts. How could she protect you longer than your father?” The girl’s eyes turned red and she replied, “She just knelt there day and night, suffering a hundred lashes for me. Until the night when I became an adult, the ghost messenger was angry, and after 100 lashes, he didn’t stop, he kept kicking her… until she was beaten to death before leaving. My mother just knelt there silently and suffered silently. , didn’t look back at me until the end.” “What did she say to you?” “She smiled at me. She looked relaxed. Then she said…” “What did she say?” “She said sorry.” 10 I have no children, so like Xie Yuyan, I can’t understand why a mother who desperately protects her daughter would say sorry at the end. Xie Yuyan’s tears had already fallen, but she was surprisingly calm. I want to watch her parents work hard for herself on these countless nights, her heart has long been different from that of ordinary people. “What are you going to do next?” “My father is the most committed, so I will return the sword first. Then I will walk the rivers and lakes, and I cannot let my father’s name disappear. When I die, I want to go to the underworld and kill me. That ghost messenger.” “Then I think you need this sword to kill ghost messenger. I’ll give you the sword in exchange for the sword manual you saw.” “How do you know I saw the sword manual?”” Xie Yanke’s daughter, she will definitely see the sword manual.” She painted with me for three days and three nights, left the sword manual and took Zhong Kui sword with her. And Xie Yanke’s name rang again, and his daughter swept the rivers and lakes with a sword move that had never appeared in the world. That sword shadow is like a whip, like a ghost, unpredictable. As if from the underworld. 11 ancient road, west wind, thin horse. Sunset, red clouds, teenagers. The young man passed me on his bony old horse. A hello came from behind me. Impolite boy. I stopped, the boy looked at the sword at my waist, his eyes fixed. I took out my sword and told him ten thousand taels. The light in the boy’s eyes dimmed, he reached out and touched the body of the sword, and turned to leave. “Touch five hundred taels.” I stood in front of him with a smile, and the young man was stunned for a moment, scolding a profiteer. But his three-legged cat’s kung fu couldn’t escape my palm at all. He sat on the ground without strength, his face was red, and he finally asked me to go to Dujiazhuang to get money. 12 Liuyun Twelve Bandits will bloodbath Dujiazhuang in three days, everyone knows the news. When I looked at the direction he was walking, I knew that he was related to Dujiazhuang, and when I asked who he was, it turned out to be the son of the old servant of Dujiazhuang. The people of Dujiazhuang have been scattered for a long time. Except for the owner’s family, everyone who can run will run away. The old slave who had been away for ten years was unable to come back, but this young man came back. I told him that Dujiazhuang could not go there, and if he turned back, it would be five hundred taels. But the young man made up his mind to go, so I gave way. Three days later, the fire in Dujiazhuang was soaring into the sky, and the blood was full of blood. Everywhere was the whistling sound of inferior swords slicing through the air. The young man was guarding the door, dancing madly with a sword in his hand, but his kung fu was that of a peasant, and he fell to the ground with one move. Seeing the sword light flashing above his head, I can’t control my debts. At that moment, I dodged into the battlefield and snapped all the swords. When the fighting stopped, I turned my head and said to the young man, “I’ll take the five hundred taels that I owe me.” Liuyun Twelve Bandits knew my prestige long ago. I threw the saber to the boy, and he stood up holding the sword. “Now you owe me 15,000 taels.” “Isn’t it 10,500 taels?” the boy muttered. “Twenty thousand taels.” “You helped me save the village owner’s family. I owe you thirty thousand taels.” “Forty thousand taels.” I have forty thousand taels of gold. I think he will do it to the death and let his son pay the debt for me in the future. Just like a loyal servant like his father, if he can’t move, he has to let his son protect the master for him. That said, I have to find him a beautiful daughter-in-law. very annoying. 13 I have a deep relationship with Baijian Villa, but they are just a bunch of crazy critics. In this world, I can understand that you worship Buddha and God, but if you worship a sword, I will laugh. As a swordsmith, the ultimate goal of the profession is to forge a perfect sword. It is necessary to know the heat of casting the sword, the severity of the beating, the time of tempering, even the right time and place, as well as various uncertain factors, all of which will cause deviations, and if there are deviations, it will not be perfect. So the perfect sword hardly exists in the world. Why do I say almost? Because this perfect sword has already been born, which is the one worshipped by Baijian Mountain Villa. How perfect is this sword? Its sharpness has gone beyond the concept of sharpness and is closer to a rule. There is nothing in this world that it cannot separate, not even the air, where visible ripples appear every time the sword is swung. Therefore, Baijian Mountain Villa worships it, and they firmly believe that even the smallest particles in the world can be divided into two as long as they find the person who can fully exert its power. At that time, when the sword is swung, it will burst into light like the sun. 14 This “Sword of God” was tempered by my master. It is said that he tempered it for seven, seven and forty-nine days, and finally cast himself into the furnace before casting it. He has two apprentices. After the Divine Sword was born, the eldest apprentice touched the Divine Sword first, and in an instant he became a crazy admirer, and disappeared into the rivers and lakes holding the Divine Sword. Ten years later, Baijian Villa was born, just like a cult. The second apprentice is my master, and he has never touched the Divine Sword in his whole life, but Baijian Villa and I are in the same blood, and it will be reconciled in my generation. Every year, I provide many good swords to Baijian Villa, as well as some sword manuals, in exchange for a lot of silver taels. Baijian Villa needs these swords, and even more needs these swordsmanship. They still don’t know what kind of sword and what kind of swordsmanship can cut off the smallest particles in the world, so they have been trying. And I need silver taels. Baijian Villa has always been cultivating skilled swordsmen. These swordsmen fought and grew up in the endless slaughter. Their aim was to find the man who could make the tiniest particle in the world burst into a sun-like glow. Of course, in the end, all the swordsmen became “heavy buildings” killers. The main building is Baijian Villa, which is no secret in the arena. After all, crazy killers and cultists are all crazy. 15 years ago, I sent a soldier from Stone Town to Baijian Villa. I went to see him this year. His name is Shitou now, and after laying a solid foundation with the swordsmanship of Baijian Villa, he practiced the swordsmanship of Ah Yi that I gave him. With my sword slave by my side, he followed me for a few months, and the only thing he did was to keep waving thousands of swords in my sword workshop to listen to the sound of them passing through the air. Imperfect swords have weaknesses, and the sound of this weak link passing through the air is different from other parts. Now the sword slave’s weapon is a pair of black iron gloves. I asked him to make a gesture with the stone, the sword of the stone pierced his left shoulder like lightning, and the sword slave stretched out his right hand and flicked the sword. The sword shattered in response. Very nice two children, I seem to see the future. 16 I call all things that can make swords iron, those with strange functions are called mysterious iron, and those with mysterious functions are called gods. Back then, when I got divine iron by chance, I had a reaction to the sound. I liked to study the strangeness of divine iron, so I invited the most famous singer in Beijing to sing in front of the furnace for three days. After three nights, the Divine Sword was released, and when it was soaked in water, it melted into a piece of black iron. Unwilling to do so, I struck the black iron, and a small sword appeared in it, shaped like a hairpin. I know that the artifact was born, and it has its own karma, so I gave the hairpin to the singer. Later, I learned that the singer was with the little overlord in Jingzhou. The little overlord was a prince, but he didn’t mind the dirty status of the singer in Hongchen, and he married her as his wife. After that, General Shi lost Stone City, and Xiaobawang was his sworn brother. He raised his troops to rebel and vowed to seek justice. The imperial court was furious and sent a flying general to quell the rebellion. Although these feudal lords dominate one side, under the policy of the imperial court, only the land is kept, not the army. Therefore, there are only tens of thousands of guards around Xiaobawang, which is not comparable to the million hero divisions of the flying generals. In the end, they retreated steadily, with countless casualties. 17 That night, outside the city of Jingzhou, Xiaobawang dragged a long sword and stood in front of the army of one million. The imperial edict that the flying general got was to slaughter the city and leave no one behind. And the order given by the little bully is to stand firm and not give an inch. Behind him are three thousand dead men, wearing white cloth on their heads and holding white blades in their hands. And behind them are the people of Jingzhou who are fleeing. They can’t go back, they can’t let it go. They knew they would die, but they hoped that the people of Jingzhou could live. A melodious and melodious song rang out on the city tower. She is indeed the number one singer in the world. The overlord turned back, his eyes tender. He originally let the woman he loves escape with the people of Jingzhou. But she came back. He looked at the graceful figure on the tower and smiled. He let her go, it was love. She is also in love again. If that’s the case, it’s better to die together. The general waved his flag, the overlord glared angrily, and three thousand dead men faced a million soldiers. Murderous aura dyes the world red. Failure is doomed. But no one took a step back. In the song, the hairpin on the singer’s head flew into the battlefield and revolved around the overlord. She didn’t blame him for his decisiveness in separating from him. Men’s world is big, women’s world is small. He wants to protect the whole world, and she only wants to protect him alone. 18 This war, which should have ended soon, ended only at dawn. Overlord stood on the hill where the corpses were piled up and died of exhaustion. The blood-stained long knife was like a flag and a crutch. The Overlord did not fall down even when he died, and no one dared to take a half step. And the singer on the city tower broke her throat and died. Her singing sang from the moon rising to the moon falling, and sang until the death of her man. That is, at the moment when the overlord died, the singer’s throat burst, and her singing burst out from within her body, wrapping around the beam of the city tower, and it was absolutely impossible for three days. For the past three days, the small sword with the weak hairpin has been spinning around the overlord’s corpse, and finally dissipated in the air. Until then, no one could touch the overlord’s body. The hairpin was used as one of the trophies and returned to the capital together. but I

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