Lingyang Zhu Erdan, courtesy name Xiaoming, is bold in nature, but dull, and is not well-known even though he is staunch in his studies. One day, the literary society was drinking, or the play said: “You have a great name, and you can come late at night with a judge under the left corridor of the Ten Kings Hall. All the people should be feasting.” pregnancy. Donghu has a verdict, green face and red beard, and his appearance is especially ferocious. Or at night, when you hear the sound of torture under the two corridors, the hairs of those who enter are all standing on end, so people are hard to see. Zhu smiled and walked away. When there was nowhere, the door shouted, “I invite Master Beard to come!” The crowd rose. Russia was sentenced to the negative, and a few were placed, and the third was served. Seeing this, everyone shivered and was uneasy to sit, so please leave. Zhu poured the wine on the ground again, and wished: “It’s not surprising that the disciples are arrogant and unliterate, and the great master forgives them. It’s not surprising that the bandits are far away, and they come to find a drink together. Fortunately, it’s not a border.” The next day, all the fruits were invited to drink, and they returned half-drunk in the evening. suddenly If someone pulls the curtains in and looks at them, it will be a judge. Qi Qi said, “Hey, I’m about to die! I dared to slander on the eve, and now I’m going to add an axe and a shovel?” Sentence Qi Nong-beard smiled and said, “It’s not. Make an appointment.” Zhu Dayue, pulling his clothes and hurriedly sitting down, started the washing machine to set the fire. The verdict said: “The way of heaven is gentle, so you can drink it cold.” Zhu Ruming put the bottle on the case. Ben told his family to treat food and fruit, and his wife was shocked when he heard it, so he should not come out. Zhu did not listen, so he waited for the jig to come out. Yizhan pays a fee, and only asks for the surname. Said: “My surname is Lu, but I don’t have a first name.” When talking about allusions, the answer was like a ringing sound. Asked: “Do you know the art of making?” He said, “Yan Yi is also quite discerning. Yin Si’s recitation is similar to Yang Shi’s.” Because Zhu was drinking every day, he didn’t realize that Yushan was slumped and fell asleep. When I wake up, the candles are dimly yellow, and the ghost guest has gone. Since it came every three or two days, the relationship became more harmonious, and it was time to lie down. Zhu Xianchuang’s draft, and Lu Yihong’s remarks were not good. One night Zhu Zui went to bed first, and Lu You had a drink. Sudden drunk dream, dirty abdomen slight pain. When he wakes up and looks at it, Lu Wei sits in front of the bed, bursting out of his stomach and tidying things up. Stunned and said: “There is no hatred in the past, why do you see killing?” Lu Xiaoyun: “Don’t be afraid! Jun Yihui and I are heart-to-heart.” After containing the intestines, combine them, and finally wrap the waist with a foot wrap. After the effect is completed, there is no blood on the couch, and there is less numbness in the abdomen. See Lu Zhi on the meat and ask. Said: “This king’s heart is also. The composition is not fast, and the hair of the master knows that the ears are blocked. It is suitable in the dark, and in the hearts of thousands, choose the best one, and I will change it for the king, and leave this to fill the gaps.” Naiqi, Cover the door. When Tianming understands the vision, the wounds and sutures are closed, and the lines and redness remain. Naturally, Wen Si has made great progress, and he will never forget it. A few days later, a draft was issued to Lu, and Lu said: “It’s okay. But the king’s blessings are poor, and he can’t be a big dignitary. It’s just a township and a division.” He asked, “When?” The champion, Kuiyuan in the autumn fruit. All the students in the same society teased him, and when they saw the ink, they looked at each other and were shocked. A total of Zhu’s introduction, willing to pay to Lu. Lu Nuozhi. The crowd is waiting for it. At the beginning of Lu Zhi, his red beard was vivid and his eyes were bright like electricity. The crowd is almost colorless, their teeth want to hit each other, and they are gradually drawn away. Zhu Nai brought Lu Gui to drink, and when he was drunk, Zhu said, “I have already received a lot of gifts. I still have something to worry about. I don’t know if I can?” Lu asked for orders. Zhu said: “The heart can be easy, and the face can be changed. Yujie is not bad in the lower body, but the face is not very beautiful. If you want to bother you with swords and axes, how about it?” Lu Xiao said: “No! Rong Xuyi Figure it.” After a few days, he knocked on the door in the middle of the night. Zhu Jiqi extended in, candles, and wrapped a thing around the front of his eyes. Interrogating him, he said: “As instructed by Jun Yu, look for the difficult. It is a beautiful head, and I respectfully report your order.” Zhu dialed his eyes, and his neck was still wet. Lu Li hurried in, don’t startle the birds and dogs. Zhu worryed about the door at night. Lu Zhi pushed the door with his hand, and the door opened by itself. Lead to the bedroom, see Madam sleeping sideways. Lu Yitou gave Zhu Baozhi, and from his boots, a white blade was like a dagger. Pressing the lady’s item, he exerted his strength like a rotten cut. In a hurry, Zhu Huai took the beauty’s head and put it together, carefully examined it properly, and then suppressed it. He moved the pillow and stuffed it on his shoulders, and ordered Zhu Tian to go to a quiet place. Zhu’s wife woke up with a slight numbness in the neck, the nails on her cheeks were wrong, and there was blood when she rubbed them. Very horrified, call the maid to wash. When the maid met the bloody mess, she was absolutely shocked, and the water in the bathing basin was completely red. Raising his hand is beyond recognition and horrified. Madam took a self-portrait in a mirror, and she was stunned and could not explain herself, Zhu Jin told him. Due to repeated close inspection, the long eyebrows cover the temples, and the smile bears the cheeks, which is also the person in the painting. After taking the test, there is a red line for a week, and the color of the upper and lower flesh is different. First of all, Wu Shiyu had a very beautiful daughter, and she lost her two husbands before marrying, so nineteen is still not a wedding ceremony. When visiting the Palace of the Ten Kings in Shangyuan, there were a lot of tourists, and there were rogues and thieves who peeped at them, so they visited Curie, took the night ladder to enter the cave, slept at the door, killed a servant under the bed, forced the female and prostituted, and the female force refused to shout. , the thief was angry and killed him. When Mrs. Wu heard the noise, she asked her maid to look at her, and she was horrified when she saw the corpse. When the whole family is up, in the morgue, on the side of the first item, a door screams and roars all night. When judging the opening of the quilt, he was in the body and lost his head. All over the maids, it is said that the guard is not strong, and the dog’s belly is buried. The attendant told the county, the county strictly restricted the arrest of thieves, and the sinner was Fude in March. Gradually, there are rumors of Duke Wu who changed his head with the Zhu family. Wu was suspicious of him, and sent a concubine to visit his home. When he saw his wife, he ran away to sue Duke Wu. The public sees the dead body of the woman, and is surprised that she cannot decide herself. Guess Zhu killed the daughter with the left way, and went to question Zhu. Zhu said: “The family man dreams of changing his head, but I really don’t understand why? It is wrong to say that a servant kills him.” Wu did not believe it and sued him. Accepting family members, as the Lord said, the county governor cannot decide. Zhu Gui, seek a plan from Lu. Lu said: “It’s not difficult, I should ask Yi Nu to tell me.” Wu Yemeng said, “My son was killed by Suxi and Yang Danian, and I have nothing to do with Zhu Xiaolian. He didn’t show off his wife, and the judge Lu took the son’s head and exchanged it with him. It is the death of the child and the first life. Please do not enmity with each other.” Xing told his wife, the dream is the same. It is for officials. The fruit of the question is Yang Danian. He took hold of it and weaponized it, and then fell into his guilt. Wu Nai went to Zhu to see his wife, so he became Weng’s son-in-law. It was buried with the head of Zhu’s wife and her daughter’s body. When Zhu San entered the ceremony, they were all released according to the rules of the field, so he was discouraged and entered. Thirty years later, Lu reported on one night: “Your life will not last forever.” When asked about the period, he responded with five days. “Can we save each other?” He said, “It’s only what God has ordered, how can people be selfish? And since you can see it, life and death are one ear, why should life be joyful and death be sad?” Quilted coffin. After all, it’s all dressed up and gone. The next day, Mrs. Fang Fu’s coffin was crying, and Zhu Hu came from outside. Madam is afraid. Zhu said: “I am a sincere ghost, and I am not born in a different time. You are widowed, mothers, orphans, and I love your ears.” The wife was deeply mourned and burst into tears, and Zhu Yiyi comforted her. The lady said, “There is a saying in ancient times that if you have a spirit, why don’t you be born again?” Zhu said, “The number of days cannot be violated.” She asked, “What do you do in the Yin Division?” She said, “Lu Juing recommended me to supervise the case. If you have an official title, you will have no pain.” Madam wanted to speak again, but Zhu said, “Lu Ju comes with me, and you can set up a meal.” He rushed out. Madam prepared as she said. But when he heard the laughter in the room, he raised his voice brightly, as if he was alive. In the middle of the night, I saw it, and it was gone. Since it comes every three or several days, sometimes I stay overnight in Yingxuan, and I manage family affairs. When Ziwei was five years old, he came to catch and hug him, and when he was seven or eight years old, he taught reading under the lamp. Zi Yihui, who was able to write at the age of nine, entered the city at fifteen, and did not know that he had no father. Since then, it has gradually become sparse, and the sun and the moon have arrived. Another night, he came to his wife and said, “I have a long-term relationship with Qing.” She asked, “Where are you going?” She said, “I have been appointed by the emperor as Taihua Qing. Zhi cried and said, “Don’t you! My son has been established and his family can still survive. How can there be a Luanfeng that will not be demolished at a hundred years old!” .” He went out the door, and then he died. On the twenty-fiveth, Hou Wei was promoted to Jinshi, an official person. He was ordered to offer sacrifices to Xiyue Road via Huayin, and suddenly there was Yu Bao galloping towards the brine. surprised. Examining the person in the car, his father also got out of the car and cried and bowed to the left. My father stopped Yu and said, “The official’s voice is good, and I can rest my eyes.” Wei Fu could not stand it. Zhu urged Yu Xing, and Huo Chi ignored it. Going a few steps to look back, Xie Saber sent someone to hold it as a gift. Yao Yu said, “It is more expensive to wear it.” Wei wanted to follow, but he saw that the Yuma people were swaying like the wind and disappeared in an instant. Hate for a long time. He drew a knife and looked at it. The craftsmanship was extremely precise, and he engraved a line of characters, saying: “If you want to be brave but want to be small, you want to be round and you want to be square.” Empress Wei went to Sima. Five sons were born, called Shen, called Qian, called Tuo, called Hun, and called Shen. Yixi Meng’s father said: “The saber should be given to Hun.” Follow it. Hunshi is the general constitution and has a political voice. The Shi Shi said: “Break the crane and continue the mallard, and the author is arrogant. The founder is strange. And the one who chiseled the heart and the liver, and put the knife and awl on the neck? The Duke of Lu can be said to be wrapped in skin and bones. , since the age is not far away, does Duke Lu of Lingyang still exist?

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