Ning Caichen, a native of Zhejiang, is generous in temperament and has a low self-esteem. Every pair of people said: “Life is indistinguishable.” It’s time to go to Jinhua, go to Beiguo, and undress Lanruo. The temple tower is magnificent, but Basil has no one, and it seems to be nowhere to be found. The east and west monastery houses, the double doors are hidden, but the southern one, the keys are as new. Looking at the east corner of the hall, I built bamboo arches, and there is a giant pond under the steps, and wild lotus flowers have already bloomed. It’s a pleasure to feel its secluded Yao. When the school came to the case, the price of the city house was high, so I stopped thinking about it, and went for a walk to wait for the monk to return. At sunset, a scholar came to open the southern gate, Ning tended to be a courtesy, and told him. The scholar said: “There is no house owner here, and the servants also live abroad. It is very fortunate to be able to live in the desert, and to teach in the evening and evening.” It is the night moon bright and clean, and the light is like water. The scholar said his surname Yan and the word Chixia. I would rather be suspicious of those who are going for the test, and listen to his voice, which is not like Zhejiang. Interrogating him, he said that he was a Qin native, and his words were very simple and sincere. Then the relative words are exhausted, so I bow goodbye and go back to bed. Ning Yi’s new home has not been able to sleep for a long time. Hearing the house in the north, it looks like a family. When I got up, I peeked under the stone window on the north wall, and saw a small courtyard outside the short wall. There were women over forty; The woman said, “Why hasn’t Xiaoqian been here for a long time?” The old woman said, “It’s almost good.” The woman said, “Do you have any complaints about Grandma General Wuxiang?” She said, “I don’t hear it; : “It is not advisable to get acquainted with your maid.” Before the words were finished, seventeen or eighteen women came, as if she was absolutely gorgeous. The old woman smiled and said, “I don’t say anything behind my back. The two of us are talking, and the little demon maid came quietly without a trace. Fortunately, I don’t have any shortcomings.” The man was also taken away.” The woman said, “My grandmother is not good at each other, but who is better?” The woman and the woman did not know what to say. I would rather my neighbors care about their mouths, and I can’t listen to them again in bed; Fang was about to go to sleep, and when someone came to the bed, he was in a hurry to investigate, and the woman in the North Courtyard was also there. When asked in surprise, the woman smiled and said, “I can’t sleep on the moonlit night, I wish you good health.” Ning Zhengrong said, “I am afraid of people’s words. If you make a mistake, you will be shameless.” The woman said: “The night is ignorant. .” Ning squeaked again. If the female Kui Xun has words again. Ning Hao: “Go quickly! Otherwise, call Nansheshengzhi.” The woman was afraid and retreated. When he returned to the outdoors, he placed a gold ingot on the mattress. Ning Zhuo threw the court chi and said, “What is not righteous, pollutes my sack!” The woman came out ashamed, picked up the gold and said to herself, “This Han should be iron and stone.” Jie Dan, Lan Xisheng brought a servant to wait for the test, and lived in the east wing, and died violently at night. There is a small hole in the center of the foot, such as a thorn, and there is blood coming out, all of which cannot be understood. After a servant dies, the disease is the same. Xiang Wanyan was born and returned, and Yan thought it was a charm. Ning Su resisted and didn’t care. When the woman came back at Xiaofen, she said to Ning, “There are so many concubines, and there is no one who is as strong as a king. The king is sincere and sage, and the concubine dare not deceive. Xiaoqian, surnamed Nie, died at the age of eighteen, and was buried at the side of the temple. , being threatened by monsters, doing low-ranking services in the past, and being shy to people, it is really unpleasant. There is no one to kill in the temple today, I am afraid that they should come with a yaksha.” Ning Hai asked for a plan. The woman said, “You can avoid being in the same room with Yansheng.” She asked, “Why don’t you confuse Yansheng?” She said, “I’m a strange person, so I wouldn’t dare to approach.” She asked, “How charming is it?” She said, “If you are fond of me, hide it. If you stab his feet with a cone, he will be confused, because he sucks blood for demon drink. And he is confused with gold, which is not gold, but Rakshasa ghost bones, which can intercept people’s livers. Both, it is good to cast them at the right time. Ear.” Ning thanked him, asked about the period of alertness, and answered tomorrow night. When he parted, he wept and said, “My concubine fell into the mysterious sea, and I can’t ask for the shore. The lord is loyal, and he will be able to save his life. If he is willing to bury his concubine’s bones and bury them in a house, they will be rebuilt.” Ning resolutely promised it. Because he asked about the burial place, he said, “But remember that above the poplars, there are black nests.” Yan had already gone out, and they were all destroyed. I was afraid that Yan would come out tomorrow, so I invited him early. Chen Hou with wine and food, pay attention to Cha Yan. Having made an appointment to live in the same house, he resigned to being obsessed with sex. Rather not listen, he forced his bedding to come. Yan had no choice but to move the couch and follow him, exhorting: “My servant knows that I have my husband, and I will do my best. It is difficult to be indifferent. It is fortunate that you do not look over the chasm, you will violate the two rules. Both are disadvantageous.” Ning Jin was taught. Now that they were sleeping, Yan put the box on the window, and when the pillow was moved, it roared like thunder. Ning can’t sleep. Nearly a while later, there was a shadow outside the window. He came closer to the window to peek, his eyes flashing. Ning fear, Fang wanted to call Yan, and suddenly something cracked and came out, shining like a horse, touching the stone lattice on the folded window, and a shot, which suddenly converged in, like an electric extinction. Yan woke up, and Ning Puppet fell asleep to meet him. Yan holds the crate for inspection, takes an object, smells the moon and looks at it, the white light is crystal clear, it can be two inches long, and the diameter is about the size of a leek leaf. It’s been packed several times, and it’s still in a broken box. He said to himself: “What is old and charming, straight and bold, and ruined the crate.” Then he went back to bed. Ning Da was curious, because he asked him, and told him what he saw. Yan said: “Since we know each other and love each other, why dare to hide deeply. I am also a swordsman. If it were not for the stone lattice, the demon would be killed. Although, it would also be injured.” Demonic.” Ning wanted to watch it. The appearance showed, Yingyingran a small sword. So benefit thick and heavy swallow. Tomorrow, there will be bloodstains outside the window. Then I went out of the north of the temple, and saw that there were many barren tombs, and if there were poplars, the black nests were upside down. As soon as the camp is ready, it is interesting to pretend to want to return. Yan Sheng set up the ancestral tent, and his affection was very rich. He presented Ning with a broken leather bag, saying: “This sword bag is also a treasure. The treasure can be far away.” Said: “If you are honest and upright, you can do this, but you are still a rich and noble person, not a person in this way.” Ning Zhai was in the wild, because he was buried in the tomb outside the Zhai, offering sacrifices and saying: “Pity Qing’s lonely soul, buried near the dwelling, singing and weeping to hear each other, the common man does not see Ling Yuxiong ghost. Drinking a cup of pulp water is not clear, fortunately. Don’t take it too seriously!” After returning from the congratulations, someone shouted: “Wait for a while!” Looking back, Xiaoqian was also there. Huanxi thanked him and said: “Your Majesty, ten deaths are not enough to repay. Please return home, pay homage to the aunt, and you will have no regrets.” Judizhi’s muscles are reflected in the liuxia, and the feet are curled with thin bamboo shoots. . So they all went to the fasting. Instructed to sit and wait less, enter the white mother first. Mother was stunned. Shi Ning’s wife had been ill for a long time, and her mother was abstained from speaking, for fear of being shocked. Yan times, the woman has already entered, bowing down to the ground. Ning said, “This is also Xiaoqian.” The mother was shocked. The daughter said to her mother: “My son is floating in the air, far away from his parents and brothers. Meng Gongzi is exposed, and his quilt is covered with hair. I would like to hold a broom in return for high righteousness.” The old lady is overjoyed to be patronizing my son. But this is the end of my life, and I will not dare to make ghosts.” The girl said, “My son has no two hearts. Since the people from Quanxia don’t believe in my old mother, please send me a message. Brother affairs, how about in the high hall, in the morning and evening?” The mother pity Qicheng and allow it. That is to say, when I want to worship my sister-in-law, my mother says she is sick, and it stops. The girl enters the kitchen and takes the corpse of her mother. Entering the room and wearing a couch, it is like a familiar resident. The sunset mother was afraid of it, so she resigned and went back to bed, instead of setting up a mattress. The female peeps to know the mother’s meaning, that is, actually goes. After fasting, he wanted to enter, but he retreated and wandered outdoors, as if he was afraid. Live call it. The woman said, “There is a sword in the room that is afraid of people. Those who do not respect people on the way to the road are good for this reason.” Ning Wu took the leather bag and hung it in his room. When the woman entered, she sat under the candle; when she moved, she said nothing. After a long time, he asked: “Do you read it at night? My concubine rarely recites the Shurangama Sutra, but I have almost forgotten it now. I ask for a volume, and my brother will correct it at night.” Ning Nuo. Sitting again, silently, two more to the end, without saying a word. Ning urges it. Suo Ran said: “A lonely soul in a foreign land is especially afraid of a deserted tomb.” Ning said: “There is no bed in the fasting, and brothers and sisters should be far away from it.” Go out, go to the steps and not. Ning secretly pitied him and wanted to stay in a different bed, but was also afraid of his mother’s anger. The female courtesan and the mother, holding the fertile toilet, and going down the hall to operate, all complimenting the mother’s aspirations. Retiring at dusk, after passing Zhaitou, he recited sutras with candles. When Jue Ning was about to go to bed, he came out miserably. First of all, it is better to have a wife who is sick and disabled, and a mother who is unbearable; With each passing day, my dear one came out like me, but I forgot that he was a ghost, so I couldn’t bear to let him go at night, so I stayed and got up with him. The female first came to have no food, and gradually sipped it for half a year. Both mother and son dote on him, and they shy away from talking about their ghosts, and people don’t know how to tell them apart. No matter what, I would rather the death of my wife, the mother has the intention of accepting her daughter, but I am afraid that it will be disadvantageous to the child. The girl knew this, and she told me in the middle of the day: “When you live in the remaining years, you should know the liver diaphragm. In order not to want to harm people, so I came from Langjun. I have no other intentions in this area, and I only want to praise my son because he is bright and upright, and he is admired by heaven and man. For three or more years, I borrowed Bo to seal the title, and I used light to fill the soil.” My mother also knew that there was no malicious intent, but she was afraid that she would not be able to extend the lineage. The girl said, “Children are only granted by the heavens. Langjun wrote blessings, and there are three sons of Kangzong, who would not take it away with a ghost wife.” The mother believed it and discussed it with her son. Ning Xi sued Qi Dang because of the banquet. Or ask the bride to meet her face-to-face, and the woman puts on gorgeous makeup and spends all her time in the hall, but she does not suspect her ghosts, but she is suspected of being a fairy. As a result, all the family members of the five parties held a congratulatory message and competed to pay homage to him. Women are good at painting orchids and plums, and they are often rewarded with scales, and those who win are proud of them. One day, I leaned my neck in front of the window, feeling lost. He suddenly asked, “Where is the leather bag?” He said, “I was afraid of it, so I kept it closed to him.” He said, “The concubine has been angry for a long time, so she should not be afraid anymore. It is better to take it and hang it on the head of the bed.” “For the past three days, my heart has been terrified and restless, thinking about the Jinhua monster, and hating my concubine’s escape, I’m afraid I will find it later.” Ning Guo came with a leather bag. The woman looked at it repeatedly and said, “This sword fairy will be the one who will hold the head. I have been defeated so far, I don’t know how many people will kill you! The concubine looks at it today, and my muscles are shuddering.” It was suspended. The next day, the life was moved to the hanging household. Sitting against a candle at night, there is one thing, like a bird coming. The woman was shocked to hide behind the curtain. Ning looked at it, the thing was like a yaksha, with electric eyes and bloody tongues, and he grabbed it with a flash, and when he reached the door, he stopped, wandered for a long time, and gradually approached the leather bag. The bag suddenly made a loud noise, and it could be closed. In a trance, there was a ghost protruding from the half of the body, and the yaksha was pulled in. The sound was silent, and the bag was also stunned. Ning was startled, and the girl also came out, overjoyed and exclaimed, “You’re all right!” They looked at the water in their pockets for a few buckets. In the next few years, Ning Guo became a jinshi. Take a man. After taking concubines, each gave birth to a male, and they all entered the office with sound.

Nie Xiaoqian


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