One fine day, the little ants are ready to go out to play. As soon as it walked out of the house, it heard the mother ant shouting from behind: “Baby, bring an umbrella…” The little ant ran very fast, and it thought as it ran, the mother was just nagging, the sky is so clear and there are not a single cloud, why? Will it rain? The little ant ran far, far away in one breath. Of course, this “very far” is compared with the little ant himself. If compared with the hare, it is just a few steps that the hare hops on. The little ant has a great sense of accomplishment. It lies down and plans to rest for a while. While it was basking in the sun, it was proud: “Fortunately, I didn’t bring an umbrella, otherwise it would be troublesome.” The little ant was about to fall asleep, but it felt that the sky was getting dark. It opened its eyes and saw that it was bad, a dark cloud blocked the sun. . The little ants are scared. If a drop of rain falls on the ants, it will be a disaster, so the ants have learned the ability to predict the weather. The little ant got up in a panic, ready to find a place to shelter from the rain. The little ant looked around and found a place to shelter from the rain. It was a small mushroom, just like a small umbrella. The little mushroom also saw the little ant, and greeted the little ant to come over quickly. The little ant ran under the little mushroom, and it smelled the fragrance of the mushroom, which made the little ant less nervous. It was raining, it was a light rain, and the little mushroom opened up his mushroom umbrella while talking to the little ant. The little mushrooms have big mouths, funny and cute. The rain stopped, and the little ant was going home. It and the little mushroom reluctantly said goodbye. They agreed to see you tomorrow. The next day, the little ant came to see the little mushroom, and it found that the little mushroom was gone, only one big mushroom. The little ant thought nervously, did the big mushroom occupy the place of the small mushroom by relying on its own strength? But the big mushroom doesn’t look like a bad mushroom. Live music out. The little ant found that the sound of the big mushroom was exactly the same as that of the small mushroom. The little ant suddenly understood, and it exclaimed, “You are the little mushroom from yesterday?” The big mushroom nodded and said, “Our mushrooms grow faster. The light rain yesterday made me grow up a lot.” Yesterday, The little ant used the little mushroom as an umbrella. Now, the little ant regards the big mushroom as a big bed, and the little ant rolls around on the mushroom umbrella. With such a wide mattress, he has a great time. Later, the little mushroom grew bigger and bigger, and the little ant regarded it as a big house, a spaceship, and its own planet. Then, the autumn wind came, and the weather was getting colder and colder. Seeing that, the mother-in-law winter was coming too. The little ant and the big mushroom are going to rest, and the big mushroom said to the little ant, next spring, if you come here to find me, there must be a pile of mushrooms by then. This winter, in the dreams of little ants, there is often the fragrance of mushrooms.

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