Wang Zifu, a native of Juzhiluodian, Zaogu, Juehui, and fourteen entered Pan. Mother’s favorite, usually do not travel to the countryside. The Xiao family was hired, but she died before she got married, so she did not ask for Huang. In the Yuan Dynasty, Wu Sheng, the uncle’s son, invited him to Tiaoju, and went outside the village, and his uncle’s servant came to recruit Wu. When I saw a travel girl like a cloud, I traveled alone. There is a girl with a maid, holding a branch of plum blossoms, Ronghua is peerless and smiling. Sheng’s attention was fixed, and he forgot his scruples. The woman went over to count the martial arts, and the maid Gu smiled and said, “He’s a thief with bright eyes!” On the floor of the dead flower, the laughter went away. Sheng Hua was disappointed, lost his spirit, and returned unhappy. When he arrives at home, he hides the flowers at the bottom of his pillow, sleeps with his head down, and does not speak or eat. The mother is worried about it. Physician diagnosis, administration and publication, all of a sudden. The mother asked why, but silently did not answer. When Wu was born, he asked the secret to interrogate him. When Wu arrived in front of the couch, he was in tears when he saw it, and Wu went to the couch to comfort him. Wu smiled and said: “Your intentions are also crazy! Why is it difficult to achieve this wish? I will visit it today. Walking in the wild, it must not be a noble family. If it is not written, things are solid and harmonious. But it’s up to me to be cured.” Sheng Xieyi heard it without realizing it. Wu went out to sue his mother, looking for a woman, Curie. And the visit is poor and there is no trace. The mother is so worried, there is nothing to do. However, after Wu left, Yan Dun opened and the food came in a little. A few days later, Wu came back and asked him what he was planning. Wu Lingzhi said: “I have already obtained it. I thought who and who was my aunt’s daughter, namely Jun’s sister, who is still waiting for employment. Although there is a suspicion of marriage among relatives, the truth is that there are no discordant people.” , asked: “Where do you live?” Wu Wei said: “In the mountains in the southwest, you can go here for more than thirty miles.” Sheng asked another four, and Wu Rui went away on his own. Life is due to the gradual increase in diet, and the day will calm down. Looking at the bottom of the pillow, although the flowers are withered, it is not easy to carve off. Blame Wu for not coming, and folded the card to recruit him, but Wu Zhituo refused to recruit. Students are angry, and they are not happy. Concerned about his return to illness, the mother was anxious to discuss the marriage, and she had a little discussion with him. Wu Zhi has no consumption, and Yi resents it. If you think about it for thirty miles, why should you rely on others? In Huaimei’s sleeves, she is full of anger, but her family doesn’t know it. Walking alone, I have no way to ask, but I look forward to the Nanshan Mountain. About 30 miles away, there are chaotic mountains and mountains, empty and green, and no one walks. There are only bird trails. Looking at the bottom of the valley, among the flowers and trees, there is a faint drop. When I went down the mountain and entered the village, I saw that there were not many houses, all of which were thatched huts, and the meaning was very refined. To the north, there are silk willows in front of the door, peaches and apricots are particularly numerous in the walls, bamboos are built in between, and wild birds are placed in them. It is the garden pavilion that I do not dare to enter. Looking back at the opposite household, there are boulders that are slippery and clean, and have less rest because of sitting. Russia heard a woman inside the wall shouting, “Xiao Rong!” Her voice was delicate. While listening to the party, a girl moved from east to west, holding an apricot flower and bowing her head to the hairpin. Examining it, that is, what happened on the way to Shangyuan. The heart is suddenly happy, but there is no way to progress. If you want to call my aunt, Gu never goes back, afraid of corruption. There is no one to ask in the door, sitting and lying lingering, from the morning to the sun, full of hope, and forgetting hunger and thirst. When I saw a woman showing half of her face to peep, she seemed surprised that she would not go. Suddenly an old woman came out with her stick, and Gu Sheng said, “Where is your majesty, I heard that you have been here since the dawn of time, until now. What is your intention? Don’t you get hungry?” Visiting relatives.” She was deaf and could not hear. Again. Nai asked, “What’s your family’s surname?” Sheng couldn’t answer. The old woman smiled and said: “It’s amazing! I don’t know the name, how can I visit my relatives? I think that the prince is also a bookworm. It’s better to come from me, have a rough look, and have a short couch at home. When the Ming Dynasty returns, ask If you know the surname, come visit again.” Sheng Fang was devastated and pondered, and since then he has gradually approached the beauty and was overjoyed. Entering from the old woman, you can see that the white stone road is built inside the door, and the red flowers fall on the steps, twists and turns to the west, and another pass is opened, and the garden is full of bean sheds and flower stands. When the guests entered the house, the pink wall was as bright as a mirror, and the branches of the begonia outside the window reached into the room and borrowed a few couch, which was unclean. As soon as they sat down, someone peeked out of the window. The woman called out, “Xiao Rong! You can quickly make millet.” A maid groaned and responded. Seating times, with Zhanzong valve. The old woman said, “The grandfather of Langjun, don’t you have the surname Wu?” She said, “Of course.” The old woman was shocked and said, “It’s my nephew! Then I went to Yin and asked about Infarction. My nephew has grown up like this, and I don’t know each other yet.” Sheng said: “This is my aunt, and I forgot my surname in a hurry.” I said, “I am old and have a surname of Qin. For the concubine. The mother changed the ritual, and left me to be raised. It is not dull, but the lessons are less, and I do not know the sorrow. After a while, the envoy will come to pay acquaintance.” After the concubine persuaded the meal, the maid came to collect the utensils. The old woman said, “Call Ning Gu.” The maid should go. For a long time, I heard laughter outside. The old woman called again, “Yingning, your auntie is here.” Outside, he sneered. The maid pushed him in and kept her mouth shut, smiling uncontrollably. The old woman raised her eyes and said, “There is a guest here, what’s the scene like?” The female forbearance stood up with a smile, and she grinned at him. The old woman said: “This prince is your sister-in-law. The family doesn’t know each other, so it’s ridiculous.” Sheng asked, “How old is the sister?” The old woman couldn’t understand; The woman smiled again, not looking up. The old woman said to Sheng: “I said little teaching, this can be seen. I am already sixteen years old, and I am as stupid as a baby.” Sheng said: “I am less than one year old.” Are you a horse?” The life head responded. He asked again, “Who is your nephew?” The answer was: “No.” He said, “If your nephew is talented and handsome, why is she still not hired at seventeen? Disgusting.” Sheng was speechless, staring at Yingning, not to mention his moment. The maid whispered to the little girl: “The eyes are burning and the thief’s voice has not changed!” The girl laughed again, and the maid said, “Is it looking at the green peach?” She got up, covered her mouth with her sleeves, and stepped out. Outside the door, laughter begins. The widow also got up, called the maid to be quilted, and settled for a living. Said: “My nephew is not easy to come by, so it is better to stay for three or five days and send you back. If you are too bored, there is a small garden at the back of the house for recreation and books to read.” The next day after the house, there is a garden Half an acre, with fine grass covered with felt, and a path of poplar grits. There are three sycamores in the grass house, and the flowers and trees are all in one place. Chuanhua took a small step, heard the sound of Susu at the top of the tree, and looked up, Yingning was above, and when she saw the birth, she laughed wildly. Sheng said: “Don’t you, you’re falling!” The woman went down and laughed, unable to stop herself. Fang will reach the ground, miss and fall, the laughter stops. Health supports it, Yin squeezes its wrists. The girl laughed again and again, leaning against the tree could not do it, it took a long time to stop. As soon as he laughed and stopped, he showed it with flowers in his sleeves. The woman picked it up and said, “It’s dry! Why keep it?” She said, “This is what the upper sister of Yuan left, so I keep it.” She asked, “What’s the benefit of keeping it?” She said, “It shows that you love each other and don’t forget. When Yuan met, he became ill after contemplating, and he differentiated himself into a foreign body; he did not want to see the color, and I was fortunate to have pity.” The woman said, “This is such a big and small matter, why is it so dear? When the husband goes, the flowers in the garden should be called. The old slave is here, fold a huge bundle and send it to you.” Sheng said, “You are crazy?” The girl said, “Why is it crazy?” Said: “Jiaji’s love, what is there to say about love.” Sheng said: “What I do is love, not the love of relationship, but the love of husband and wife.” The daughter said, “Is there any difference?” She said, “I sleep together at night. .” The woman bowed her head and thought for a long time, then said, “I’m not used to sleeping with strangers.” Before she finished speaking, the maid sneaked up and fled away in fear. When I was young, I met my mother’s place, and my mother asked, “Where are you going?” The old woman said: “The rice has been cooked for a long time, so what is the long talk, Zhou Zhenaier.” The woman said: “Big brother wants me to sleep together.” The woman stopped smiling. Fortunately, I didn’t hear it, and I still scrutinized it. Sheng was anxious to cover it up with his words, and blamed the girl for small words. The girl said, “Isn’t it appropriate to say this?” Sheng said, “This is a man’s language.” The woman said, “How can you betray your mother when you carry someone else’s back? And the sleeping place is also a common thing, why is it taboo?” Sheng hated her stupidity , incomprehensible. Shi Fang was unexpectedly surprised, and the family arrested Shuang Wei to find their lives. First of all, the mother will not return after a long time, and I am suspicious. The village has been searched all over, but there is no sign of it, so I went to find Wu. Wu Yixiao said that because of his teaching, he was looking for it in a mountain village in the southwest. Where the calendar counts the village, it begins and ends here. When you are born and go out, if you are suitable, you will come in and tell your wife, and please go home with your daughter. She said with joy, “I have ambitions, and the bandits will be thirsty. But I can’t travel far, so I have to go with my nephew and my sister to meet my auntie. It’s great!” Hu Yingning, Ning laughed. The old woman said: “Big brother wants to go with you, you can dress up.” He also paid his family food and wine, and then sent them out, saying: “My aunt’s field is rich and can support redundant people. Don’t go back when you come to the place, the elementary school poetry and etiquette are also good people. Aunt. Just trouble Auntie to choose a good match with you.” The two sent. Looking back at the mountain col, I still vaguely see the woman leaning on the door and looking north. Arriving at home, my mother saw Shuli and asked who she was. Born to sister-in-law. The mother said: “The former Wu Lang and his son are deceitful. I don’t have a sister, how can I have a nephew?” I asked the daughter, and the daughter said: “I am not from my mother. Memories.” Mother said, “My elder sister is good and right to the Qin family. However, it’s been a long time since I’ve been thankful, so can it be revived?” He also doubted and said, “Yes! It has been dead for many years, so how can it be revived?” During his doubts, Wu was born, and the girl avoided entering the room. When Wu Xun got it, he was confused for a long time, and suddenly said: “This girl’s name is Yingningye?” Wu Ji called it strange. Asked what he knew, Wu said: “After the Qin family’s aunt died, the uncle lived in widowhood, afflicted with the fox, and died of barrenness. The fox gave birth to a daughter named Yingning, who was lying on the bed, and the family saw it. I asked the celestial master to stick to the wall, and the fox took her daughter there. Will you not do this?” They doubted each other, but when they heard the chi chi in the room, all Ying Ning laughed. The mother said, “This girl is too stupid.” Wu Sheng asked her to meet her. When the mother entered the room, the daughter still smiled and ignored it. When the mother urged the order, Hajime tried his best to hold back his laughter, and then moved out when facing the wall. Just a show. He jumped in, bursting into laughter. The women in the room are full of charm. Wu invited him to meet Qiyi, so he took up Ke. When I went to the village, there were no houses, only the mountains and flowers were scattered. Wu Yi’s burial place seemed to be not far away, but the tomb was obliterated and could not be identified, so he returned with a sigh. The mother suspected that he was a ghost and sued Wu Yan, but the daughter was not surprised. And hanging him homeless, there is no sadness, just a smile. Unpredictable, the mother ordered to sleep with the girl, and Mo Shuang came to ask questions. But good laughter cannot be stopped. However, the smile is sweet, mad but not detrimental to its charm, and everyone is happy. The young woman next door, scramble to welcome him. The mother chose auspiciousness for it, and in the end she feared that it would be a ghost, stealing a glimpse of it in the sun, and its shape and shadow were the same. On the day of the solstice, she made a beautiful bride to perform the bride’s ceremony, and the woman couldn’t look down when she smiled, so she stopped. Born to be foolish, she is afraid of revealing the secrets in the room, but Nvshu is secretive and refuses to say a word. Every time the mother is worried and angry, the daughter will solve it with a smile. The slaves and slaves are too small, and they are afraid of being whipped, so they ask their mothers to talk to each other, and the sinful slaves will be spared. And the love of flowers has become an addiction, and they have been searching all over the party; There is a wooden incense rack in the back of the court, so it is adjacent to the Western family, and every time the woman climbs on it, she picks the hairpin for play. When the mother met Noir Hezhi, the female soldier did not change. One day, when the Westerners saw him, he was poured out. The woman smiled involuntarily. Westerners say that women’s minds belong to themselves, and their hearts are more volatile. The woman pointed to the bottom of the wall and smiled, and the Western man said that she was at the place of covenant, and she was very happy. When he goes into the dark, the female fruit is there, and he is lustful, and the yin is like a cone thorn, and the pain is piercing in the heart, and the large size is stunned. If you look closely at the non-woman, you will see a dead wood lying by the wall, which is connected to the orifice of water. The neighbor’s father heard the sound and rushed to investigate, but groaned without saying a word; when his wife came, he began to tell the truth. Peering through the fire candle, I saw a giant scorpion like a small crab, Weng broken wood, caught and killed it. Negative son arrives home, looking for pawns in the middle of the night. Neighbors litigated students and scolded Yingning as a demon. Yi Su Yang was a talented person, and Nim knew that he was a virtuous man. He said that his neighbor was slandering him with a lawsuit, and he blamed him with a stick. He was born as a beggar, and was released. The mother said to her daughter: “Han and mad, you have long known that you are overjoyed and yet you are afflicted with sorrow. The city commanders are gods, but fortunately they will not be involved. If the falcons suddenly attack the officials, the women will be arrested and held in court. How can my son see Qili?” Straightforward, Ya no longer smiles. The mother said: “People don’t laugh, but they have to have time.” And the girl didn’t laugh anymore, even though she was teasing her, she didn’t laugh, but she didn’t have a face. Overnight, I was tearful. different. The girl choked up and said, “I’m afraid I’m going to be surprised if I say this. I’ve checked my aunt and my husband today, and there’s no difference in their love. Is it okay to tell me straight? The concubine is born of a fox. Ghost mother, we have been together for more than ten years, and we are today. The concubine has no brothers, and the only one who relies on is the monarch. The old mother, Cen Jingshan, has no one to pity and live with her, and Jiuquan is full of hatred. People will dispel this resentment, and the daughter-in-law can’t bear to drown.” Sheng promises it, but then thinks that the grave is lost in the weeds. Women are carefree. The couple went to see each other every day. The woman was in the middle of the deserted smoke, and pointed to the tomb. The female caressed and mourned. After returning home, I searched for Qin’s tomb to be buried together. It was Ye Shengmeng who came to thank her, and she said it. The girl said, “When the concubine sees her at night, I ask her not to startle her husband’s ears.” The woman said: “That ghost is also. There are many people, and the yang qi prevails, so how can I live for a long time?” Sheng asked Xiaorong and said: “It is also a fox, the most embarrassed. Virtue often does not mind; I asked my mother yesterday, and Yun has already married her.” Since it was a cold season, the couple went to Qin’s tomb and worshipped him without fail. The girl gave birth to a son over a year old. In her arms, she was not afraid of strangers. She smiled when she saw others. Shi Shi said: “Look at his diligent laughing, it seems that he has no heart at all. And the pranks under the wall, what’s the point of it! Even if I love the ghost mother, laughing instead of crying, my baby would rather be so stupid. If there is grass, it is called ‘laughing’, and if you smell it, you can’t stop laughing. Planting this kind of grass in the house will make you happy, forget your worries, and have no color.



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