Jin Shicheng, a native of Changshan, is unscrupulous. He suddenly became a monk and became a head tuo. Dogs and sheep were left in the past, and they smothered them. Self-named Buddha. Fools and women behave differently, and there are thousands of people who practice the rites of discipleship. Jin He used arrows to eat arrows, and no one dared to disobey. Creating a palace is not cheap, and people are happy to lose it. The city commander Nangong hated the strangeness, and he insisted on it, and ordered him to build a holy temple. The disciples rushed to tell him, “Buddha is in trouble!” They tried to recruit him. The palace was built in ten months, and its collection of money was especially quick in the pursuit of cruel officials. Mr. Yi Shi said: “I have heard of the people of Jin Dao, and everyone calls them by their name, saying that they are ‘becoming a Buddha in this world’. The quality is so filthy that it is extremely good. What a good way to deal with it! However, learning from the palace and annoying the demons is also a shame for a scholar-officer.”

Kim Se-sung


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