Taiyuan Geng family, so everyone, the first house is Hongkuo. After Lingyi, the buildings and houses were interlinked, and half of them were abandoned. Because of the strange life, the doors of the halls were opened and closed, and the family members were constantly screaming in the middle of the night. Geng Suozhi moved to the villa, leaving an old man. From this, the desolation is even worse, or the sound of laughter and songs is heard.

Geng Youcong’s son went ill and was wild and unrestrained. At night, when you see the lights upstairs on and off, go to the rebirth. If you want to go into it, you will not listen to it. The knowledge of the door element, actually dialed Artemisia annua, twists and turns. Climbing upstairs is no different at first. Passing through the building, I heard people talking eagerly. Sneak a peek at it, and see the giant candles burning twice, as bright as day. An old man with a Confucian crown sits in the south, and the other is facing each other, all of them are more than forty years old. To the east, a young man can get twenty. The girl on the right has just reached her ears. The wine is full of cases, sitting around and laughing. Sheng rushed in, laughed and said, “There is an uninvited guest alone!” The group ran away in shock. The old man asked in astonishment, “Who would enter the boudoir of others?” Sheng said, “This is my house, and the ruler will occupy it. I want to drink the wine by myself, and I don’t invite the master, so I’m not too stingy?” Master.” Sheng said: “I am madly born to go to the hospital, and the master follows Zi’er.” The old man paid tribute and said, “I have been fighting for a long time!” The old man is a drinker. Sheng said: “My generation is in the family, and the guests have no need to avoid it, and I also pray for a drink.” The old man called: “filial piety!” The old man said, “This dolphin is also.” The old man said to himself: “Yijun’s surname is Hu.” Sheng Suhao talks about the wind, and the filial son is also suave. Born twenty-one, the elder brother was two years old, because of his younger brother. The old man said: “I heard that Jun Zu compiled “Tushan Waizhuan”, do you know it?” The old man replied: “I know it.” It’s passed on. Fortunately, the son has been taught.” Sheng briefly described the achievements of Tushan’s daughter Zuoyu, and painted many words, and the wonderful thoughts flowed. The old man was overjoyed and said to his son, “Fortunately, I have never heard of it. The son is not someone else. You can ask your mother and Qingfeng to come and listen to him, and let me know the virtues of my ancestors.” Xiaoer entered the palace. When she was young, she came out with a girl, looked after her, was weak and charming, and the autumn waves flowed with wisdom. There is no beauty in the world. The old man pointed to the old man and said, “This is Lao Jing.” He also pointed to the girl: “This Qingfeng is like a girl of mine. She is quite intelligent, and I will never forget what I have heard and seen, so I ordered him to listen to him.” , look at the girl, stop watching. The woman felt it, and bowed her head. The students hide the lotus hook, and the woman hurriedly gathers her feet without sulking. Sheng’s spirit was so high that he couldn’t help himself, and he slapped the table and said, “It’s not easy to get a woman like this, it’s not easy for the king of the south!” Seeing that Sheng was getting drunk and mad, she went with her daughter. Disappointed, he resigned. And the heart is lingering, can not forget Qingfeng also.

When the night came back, the musk musk deer was still fragrant, waiting until the end of the night, coughing silently. Going back to his wife, he wants to live with his family, hoping to get a chance. Wife does not obey. Life is self-going, read downstairs. At night, depending on the number, a ghost came in, his face was as black as lacquer, and his eyes were alive. Laughing, he rubbed his fingers and rubbed the ink on his own, stared at each other with a scorching look, and the ghost walked away ashamed. The next night was even deeper, and the candle was extinguished and I wanted to go to bed. When I heard the building, it was stunned. In a hurry to peep, the door is half-open. Russia heard the sound of shoes being broken, and candlelight came out of the room. Look at it, then the green phoenix is ​​also. Seeing life suddenly, he retreated in horror, closing his doors abruptly. Changsheng knelt down and gave a speech: “Xiaosheng doesn’t avoid danger, it’s because of his lordship. Fortunately, there is no one else, so if you shake hands with a smile, you won’t regret it if you die.” Nv Yaoyu said: “You are very affectionate, don’t you know that concubine? But I The uncle and boudoir are strict and do not dare to obey orders.” Shenggu mourned and said, “I don’t dare to look at the skin, but when I see the color, it is enough.” Born in ecstasy, the prime minister went downstairs and embraced him on his knees. The woman said, “Fortunately, I have a long-term relationship. After this night, it is useless to think about love.” She asked, “Why?” She said, “Uncle is afraid of the madness of the ruler, so he turned into a fierce ghost to scare him, but the ruler does not move. When I have settled in his place, the whole family will move their belongings to the new house, and the concubine will stay behind, and will be sent tomorrow.” The words were about to leave, and he said: “I am afraid that my uncle will return.” When Fang Chi was talking, the old man hid himself in. The woman was ashamed and couldn’t help herself, and leaned on the bed with her arms in her hands, holding her back without saying a word. The old man said angrily: “The lowly generation has insulted my door! Don’t hurry, whip and follow!” When I was born and listened to it, I was ridiculed, and I heard Qingfeng sobbing. Sheng’s heart was like a cut, and he said loudly: “The fault lies with Xiaosheng, what is the relationship with Qingfeng! If you Qingfeng, a knife saw a tomahawk, I would like to accept it!” After a long silence, he went back to bed. Since then, there will be no sound again. Uncle Sheng was surprised when he heard it, and was willing to sell it to live in, not straight. I am happy, and I move with my family. It is very suitable to live for more than a year, without forgetting Qingfeng for a moment.

Hui will return to the tomb at Qingming Festival, see Xiaohu Er, and chase him away for the dog. One of them hurried off into the desert; the other, the emperor rushed to the road, saw the life, Yiyi wailed, and his ears compose his head, as if begging for help. Born to pity him, Qi Changjin brought it back with a hug. Close the door and put it on the bed, then Qingfeng is also. Great joy, condolences. The girl said: “It is suitable to play with the maid, but this is a big disaster. If you get rid of the unprofessional prince, you will be buried in the belly of the dog. I hope there is nothing to see and hate.” Obtaining a unique treasure, why do you hate it!” The woman said, “This number of days is too long, and it is not because of subversion. , and leave it alone.

After accumulating more than two years, Sheng Fang was reading at night, and Xiao Er suddenly entered. The student dropped out of school, and was surprised when he was asked, and the filial son fell to the ground and said: “My lord is in trouble, and you can’t help me. I will ask myself to earnestly, and I am afraid that I will not accept it, so I came here.” He asked, “What’s the matter?” “Does your son know Mo Sanlang?” Said: “This is my family son.” Xiao Er said: “Tomorrow will pass, if you bring a fox hunting, I hope you will keep it.” Sheng said: “The shame downstairs, I’m thinking about it, I don’t dare to predict what he’s going to do. I’m sure I want to serve meekly, but Qingfeng must come!” Xiaoer said: “Fengmei has been dead for three years.” Sheng Fuyi said: “Since you are, then Hate is deep in my ears!” He chanted loudly, but he didn’t care. Xiao Er got up, burst into tears, and hid his face and left. Born like a green phoenix, tell me why. The woman paled and said, “Is it possible to save him?” She said, “If you save him, save him. If you don’t make the promise, you can also talk about it and report it to the front.” The woman was happy and said: “The concubine is young and lonely, and Yishu was established. Although in the past, If you are convicted, it is Fan Ying’er.” Sheng said: “It is true, but it is impossible for people to be without help. If Qing Guo dies, we will definitely not help each other.” The girl smiled and said, “Be patient!” The next day, Mo Saburo arrived. , Luying Hutao, the servants are very famous. Life is the opposite. I saw a lot of birds, among which was a black fox with bloody fur. The flesh of the touch is still warm. He entrusted Qiu and begged to make up. Mo Ganran gave up the gift, and paid Qingfeng as soon as he was born, and drank it with the guest. After the guest left, the woman held the fox in her arms, and after three days, she was sued, and then she turned into an old man. Raising his eyes to see Feng, he suspects that he is not in the human world. Women tell their stories. The old man bowed down, thanked his former guilt, and said with joy to his daughter, “I insisted that you would not die, but now it is indeed.” Feed your selfishness.” Sheng Nuozhi. The old man thanked him and left, and went to Yeguo with his family, so he was like a father and son, and there was no more suspicion. Living in Zhaiju, and having a feast together when filial piety was a child. The sons and daughters grew up and grew up, so he made Fu Zhi, Gai Xun Xun taught him well, and he had a teacher.



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