In the stable lived an old horse and a pony. One day, the old horse said to the pony: “You have grown up, can you help your mother with something?” The pony said, “Why not? I am very willing to help you.” The old horse was happy Said, “That’s good, you can carry this half-bag of wheat to the mill.” The pony loaded the wheat and ran quickly to the mill. Running and running, a small river blocked the way, and the river was rushing. The pony was embarrassed and thought: Can I go over there? It would be great to ask her what to do if her mother was by her side! He looked around and saw an old cow grazing by the river. The pony ran over and asked, “Uncle Niu, please tell me, can I cross this river?” The old cow said, “The water is very shallow, and I have no legs, so I can cross it.” The pony heard what Lao Niu said, and immediately ran to the river, ready to wade across. Suddenly, a squirrel jumped down from the tree, stopped him and shouted: “Pony, don’t cross the river, don’t cross the river, the river will drown you!” The pony asked in surprise: “Is the water deep?” The squirrel Seriously: “It’s very deep! Yesterday, a partner of mine fell into this river and drowned!” The pony stopped quickly, not knowing what to do. He sighed and said, “Alas! Let’s go home and ask mom!” The pony flicked its tail and ran home. Mom asked, “Why did you come back?” The pony said embarrassedly: “A river is blocking me… I can’t get through.” Mom said, “Isn’t that river very shallow?” The pony said, “Yes! Cow! Uncle said the same. But the squirrel said the river was deep, and he drowned his mate!” Mom said, “Is the river deep or shallow? Have you thought about what they said?” The pony lowered his head and said, “No… have not thought. ” The mother said to the pony kindly: “Son, it’s not enough if you just listen to others and don’t try it yourself. If the river is deep or shallow, you will understand if you try it.” The pony ran to the river, and just lifted its front hooves, the squirrel shouted again: “Why, you are dying!” The pony said: “Let me try.” He went down the river and waded carefully over . It turned out that the river was neither as shallow as the old cow said, nor as deep as the squirrel said.

Pony crossing the river


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