There are many little tadpoles in the pond, and the little tadpoles flick their tails, so handsome! What are the little tadpoles doing? They are using their long, thin tails as paintbrushes and do their homework seriously! Write and write, and write a small poem with no format; draw and draw, draw a pool of picture riddles that can’t see the answer. Xiao Jijiao’s brush is getting shorter and shorter every day, and finally it is so short that it can no longer be used. The little fish and the little shrimp found it, and bit his ears in a murmur: “Oh, the little tadpole must have failed in his studies! Otherwise, why does it have no tail?” “Yeah, I heard that Little White Rabbit has a short tail because he was talking nonsense! Little Tadpole Jiao must have done something bad!” At first, Taddan thought that he had really lost his tail, so he looked for it in the pond. Later, they burst out laughing – didn’t the mother say: “Children, if you lose your tail, you are grown up! You can go to the shore to find the children!” They jumped out of the pond and became A cute little frog. 3. The tadpoles look for their mothers There is a group of small tadpoles in the pond, with big heads, black-gray bodies, and long tails, swimming happily. The little tadpole swam, and after a few days, two hind legs grew. When they saw the mother carp teaching the little carp to hunt, they went up to them and asked, “Auntie carp, where is our mother?” The mother carp said, “Your mother has four legs and a wide mouth. You can go there and look for it! ” The little tadpole swam, and after a few days, two front legs grew. They saw a tortoise swimming on four legs swinging in the water, and they chased after them, shouting, “Mama, Mama!” The tortoise smiled and said, “I’m not your mother. Your mother has two big eyes on top of her head, Dressed in green. Go look for them over there!” The little tadpole swam, and after a few days, its tail became shorter. They swam to the lotus flower and saw a big frog squatting on the lotus leaf, dressed in green clothes, with a snow-white belly and big eyes. The little tadpole swam over and called out, “Mom, mom!” The frog mother looked down, smiled and said, “Good boy, you have grown into frogs, jump up!” They kicked their hind legs and stepped forward Jump, jump on the lotus leaf. At some point, the little frog’s tail was gone. They followed their mother and went to catch pests every day.

Chinese story tadpole looking for mother


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