“Liao Zhai Zhi Yi” (referred to as “Liao Zhai”, commonly known as “Ghost Fox Biography”) is a collection of short stories in classical Chinese written by Pu Songling, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty. The book has a total of 491 short stories (Zhang Youhe’s “Strange Stories from a Liaozhai Association”) (Zhu Qikai’s “New Notes on Liaozhai Zhiyi” has 494 pieces). They either exposed the darkness of feudal rule, or criticized the corruption of the imperial examination system, or resisted the shackles of feudal ethics, with rich and profound ideological content. The works that describe the theme of love are the most numerous in the whole book, and they express a strong anti-feudal morality spirit. Some of these works express the author’s ideal love through the love between flower demons, fox charms and people.

“Strange Tales from a Liaozhai” has nearly 500 chapters, mainly divided into the following types: One is the love story, which occupies the largest proportion of the book. Most of the main characters in the story are not afraid of feudal ethics and bravely pursue free love. Representative works of this type include “Lotus Fragrance”, “Xiao Xie”, “Liancheng”, “Huan Niang” and “Crow’s Head”. The second is to criticize the devastation of the imperial examination system on scholars. “Ye Sheng”, “Si Wenlang”, “Yu Que” and “Zi An” are all such works. The third is to expose the brutality of the ruling class and the oppression of the people, which has social significance, such as “Xi Fangping”, “Promoting the Organization”, “Dream Wolf”, “Mei Nu” and so on.

Volume 1 · Autograph Piluo and lyre, the Sanlu clan felt it and became sullen; the bull, ghost and snake god, the long-clawed man chanted and became addicted. Self-sounding sounds of nature, not choosing a good sound, there is a reason. Loose and fall the fire of autumn firefly, ghosts win glory; chase the dust of wild horses, ghosts laugh. Talent is not a treasure, but Ya loves to search for gods; When I heard it, I ordered a pen, and it was compiled. After a long time, people from all over the world sent each other by mail boxes, so the things gathered together, and the accumulation benefited the partners. What’s more: if people are not alienated, things may be strange in the country where the hair is cut off; Trent Fei Yixing, madness is hard to refuse; Yongtuo Kuanghuai, crazy and not shy. Zhanru people, don’t you Huluye to me? However, the fifth father’s head may be involved in indiscriminate listening; while the three lives on the stone, he quite understands the antecedents. Indulgent words, there are no one who can be abolished. When the arc was loosened, the first adult dreamed of a sickness, barrenness, and partiality in entering the room. The ointment was like money, and it was round and sticky to the breast. Persistent and loose, fruit character Mozhi. And also, less lei, more disease, long life is not the same. The desolateness of the courtyard is as cold as a monk; the cultivation of pen and ink is like depression. Every time you scratch your head and think to yourself, don’t you also face the wall and be the predecessor of me? Covered with the root cause of leakage, it did not bear the fruit of human beings and heaven; but it fell with the wind and became the flower of the feudal conglomerate. The vast six realms can be described as unreasonable! Only in the middle of the night, the lights are dizzy; Gathering the armpits into a fur coat, I want to continue the record of the underworld; the white and white pen is only a book of loneliness and anger. It’s sad enough to be so sustenance! Ouch! Frightened by the frost and the cold sparrow, it hugs the tree without warmth; Those who know me are in the middle of Qinglin and Heisai!

Volume 1: Examination of the City God The ancestor of my sister-in-law, Duke Song, was a taboo and was born in Yilin. One day, when he was sick and lying down, he saw the official holding an ultimatum, leading him to the test, saying, “Please go to the test.” Gong Yan: “Wenzong has not come, why should he pass the test?” The official did not say anything, but urged him. Gongli was ill and rode a horse, the road was very unfamiliar, to a city, such as the capital of kings. When moving into the palace, the palace is magnificent. There were more than ten officials sitting on the throne, and none of them knew who they were, but Guan Zhuangmiao knew them. There are two piers and two piers under the eaves. There is a scholar sitting at the end, and the public will be shoulder-to-shoulder. There are pens on each. The Russian inscription paper flew down, and there were eight characters in it, saying: “One person and two people, with intentions and no intentions.” There is a saying in the official document: “If you have a heart to do good, even if you are good, you will not reward it. If you have no intention to do evil, even if you are evil, you will not be punished.” The gods praised them. He summoned the Duke, and said: “Henan lacks a city god, and the monarch deserves his position.” The Duke realized that he burst into tears and said, “How dare you say anything more than a humiliation? The year of his birth can only be heard and hired.” The image of the last emperor was ordered to revise his mother’s birthday. A long-bearded official held the book and read it, and said, “There is a yang for nine years.” After some hesitation, Emperor Guan said: “May I ask Zhang Sheng to take a seal for nine years, and melons can be replaced.” Immediately after taking office, I will now push the heart of benevolence and filial piety, and give it a leave of nine years. When the time comes, I will be called again.” He also encouraged the scholars to say a few words. The two gongs head down together. The scholar shook hands and sent them to the countryside, saying to himself Zhang Shan. It is a poem to say goodbye, but forget the words. There is a sentence like “there are flowers and wine in spring, and there are no candles and no lights at night.” Since the man was riding, he left, and when he arrived, it was like a dream. Three days after the death, the mother heard the groaning in the coffin, helped it out, and was able to speak in half a day. If you ask Changshan, if there is Zhang Sheng, he will die today. In the next nine years, Muguo died, and after the camp was buried, Huan Zhuo entered the room and died. Qiyue lived in the west gate of the city, when suddenly he saw Gong Ying Ying Zhujing, and there were a lot of horses. Climb into the hall, and walk away. They were both startled and suspicious, not knowing that he was a god, so they rushed to the village and died. The public has a self-reported biography, but after the chaos there is no existence, this is a little ear.

Chinese Liaozhai Strange Stories


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