Chu guests have Jia Yu foreigners. A woman who lives alone, dreams of being with someone, wakes up and touches it, her husband is also small. Observing that his feelings are different from other people, he knew that he was a fox. He just got out of bed and passed away before the door was opened. At twilight, I invite her to accompany her. There is a ten-year-old son, and he does not sleep on a couch, but also recruits all. It was late at night, and the old woman and her son fell asleep. The fox came back, and the woman murmured like a dream. The old man called him, and the fox went away. Of course, the body suddenly suddenly if there is death. At night, I dare not put out the candle, and the ring shall not be ripe. At night, my son and my wife leaned against the wall and had little sleep. After I woke up, I lost my wife. I am afraid to look for it. The child held a fire to illuminate it all over the place, and when he reached his room, the mother lay naked in it. Close to help him, but also not ashamed. Naturally, he is crazy, singing and crying, and every day is in a million ways. Tired of living with people at night, I sleep in another bed, and my son and wife are also sent away. Every time the child hears his mother’s laughter, he catches fire. The mother was angry with the child, and the child did not care, because they were both courageous. However, there is no festival to play, and the daily effect is to stack the windows with bricks and stones, and they will not listen. Or if you remove a stone, it will roll on the ground and make a coquettish cry, and no one dares to touch it. After a few days, the two windows were completely blocked and there was no light, but they were covered with mud and covered with holes. After painting, there is nothing to do, so I sharpen the kitchen knife. Anyone who sees him hates his stubbornness and doesn’t take human teeth. Er Xiao hid the knife in her arms, covered the lamp with a scoop, waited for her mother and babbled, hurriedly turned on the lamp, and shouted at the door. After a long time, it was no different, and he left the door and threatened to make a fraudulent search. There is something like a raccoon, rushing to the door. When he hit it urgently, only its tail was cut off, about two inches, and the blood was still dripping. At the beginning, when the lamp was lit, the mother scolded him, and the son Ruofu heard it. If you miss it, go to bed with regret. Although self-thought is not immediately killed, it is fortunate that it will not come. In the Ming Dynasty, he saw the bloodstains go over the wall. Trace it and enter He’s Garden. At night, the fruit is dead, and the child is delighted; but the mother is lying like a dead fool.

Soon after the Jia people returned, they went to bed for questioning. Women abused, as if hatred. The son responded to him by his appearance, Weng was shocked, he extended the medicine, and the woman was scolded by laxatives. Dive into the soup and drink with the medicine, and gradually become more and more safe. The father and son were happy, and woke up one night, where the lost wife was, and the father and son were found in another room. Because of this, he didn’t want to be in the same room with her husband, so Xiang Xi went to his room. To save it, to scold it. Weng was helpless, so he kept his door open. When the woman rushed to the door, the door opened by itself, and Weng was troubled by it.

Er Mumu sneaked into He’s Garden, and was in the middle of the mang, and would use it to explore where the fox was. At the beginning of the month, I heard people’s language. Pengke secretly dialed, and saw the two of them coming to drink, a long hyena holding a pot, and his clothes were old brown. The language is subtle and indistinguishable. When I moved, I heard someone say: “Tomorrow, you can get a bottle of white wine.” After a while, they were all gone, but Chang Mane was left alone, undressing and lying on the stone. After examining him, his limbs were all human-like, but his tail was hanging down from the back, and his son wanted to return, and he was afraid of the fox’s sleep, so he lay down all night. Wei Ming heard that the two of them came back again and again, and murmured into the bamboo bushes. Son is home. When Weng asked where he was going, he replied, “I am staying at Abo’s house.” Shi went into the market from his father, and when he saw the fox’s tail hanging from the hat shop, he asked Weng to go to the city. Weng ignored it, and the son held his father’s clothes and coquettishly. Weng can’t bear to brush, the city Yan. In the father’s trading shop, the son teased his side, took the opportunity of his father to steal the money, and sold the liquor to the restaurant corridor. There is an uncle’s city dwelling, he is a hunter, and his son runs to his home. Uncle he is out. When she complained about her mother’s illness, she replied, “It’s okay for a few days. And I was bitten by a rat, and I was so angry that I couldn’t understand, so I sent me to beg for hunting medicine ears.” young children. I want to make soup cakes. Seeing that there was no one in the room, he spontaneously dispensed the medicine, and secretly scooped it into his arms. Nai tended to tell her, so that she would not raise fire, “Father is waiting in the city, not to mention food.” Then he went, hidden in the wine with the medicine, roamed the market, and returned to the evening. The father asked where he was, and he was at his uncle’s house.

The child is naturally traveling in the shop every day. One day see long mane mixed in people. The children’s trial is true, and the yin is tied to it. Gradually speaking, he questioned his residence there, and replied: “Beicun.” He also asked the child, and the child falsely said: “The cave.” The son laughed and said, “I live in the cave, is your lord solid?” The son said: “I am the son of the Hu family. Where have I been when I saw the gentleman and the two sons, and I care about forgetting it?” The son slightly lifted his clothes and showed his false tail, and said, “My generation is among the people, but this thing is still there, which is hateful.” The man asked, “What do you want to do in the city?” I’m selling.” The other person also told him to sell. The son asked, “Gu Wei?” He said, “My wife is very poor, so I often steal a lot of time.” The son said, “This battle is also good and hard, and I am worried.” Because of the question: “Who is the master Yi?” He said: “That is the two brothers and brothers I saw. One was the wife of the Wang family of Beiguo, and the other was a Weng family in Dongcun. Huh, I’m going back now.” After saying goodbye, he said, “Don’t misunderstand me.” My son said, “It’s harder to steal than it is to sell it. I’ll sell it under the corridor first, and I will give it to you. I have it in my pocket. There is still money left, so don’t worry about selling it.” The man was ashamed and had nothing in return. The son said, “I’m of the same kind, why should Jin have some beards? In my spare time, I should still have a hard drink with your lord.”

At night, my mother slept peacefully and did not run again. Knowing the difference, I told my father to go there to test it, and two foxes died on the pavilion, one fox died in the grass, and there was still blood coming out of its beak. The wine bottle is still there, hold it and shake it, it is not exhausted. The father was startled and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” The son said, “This thing is the most powerful, and once it leaks, he will know it.” Weng Xi said, “My son is looking for Chen Ping of the fox.” So the father and son returned to the fox. See a fox with a bald half tail, with a knife mark. It is Suian. The woman was infertile, and her heart gradually became clearer, but it was beneficial to cough, vomit several liters of phlegm, and seek recovery. The wife of the Wang clan of Beiguo, haunted the fox, and when she asked him, the fox died and the disease was cured. Weng from this Qier, taught riding and shooting. After the expensive to Zongrong.

Jia Er


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