Once upon a time, there was a monkey who fell in love with the moon. She was always changing, sometimes round, sometimes curved, looking mysterious and seductive, which made the monkey fascinated. So the monkey no longer likes the day, because during the day the moon always hides shyly and refuses to show up, and only comes out after the sun goes down. So the monkey sleeps during the day, and at night, it runs out to look up at the bright and pure face of the moon, and is very happy and satisfied. The long dark night passed like this, and the four seasons of the year slipped away like this.

One evening in autumn, the monkeys felt a little thirsty, so they looked around for water to drink. He found a well in the woods, ecstatic, and just wanted to stick his head in for a drink. But suddenly, he froze like an electric shock. He saw the goddess he thought about day and night – the moon. How could she be in the well? She lost weight and turned into a pale crescent moon, like crystal ice about to melt, which made him feel distressed. He hurriedly looked up at the sky, but saw another identical crescent moon still hanging on the high treetops, staring at him silently. The monkey was taken aback. What the hell was going on? He couldn’t believe his eyes, and his heart was all messed up. At this time, a gust of autumn wind blew, and the moon in the well suddenly shattered, leaving only strands of silver light flashing in the water waves. He looked at her anxiously and distressedly. Fortunately, as soon as the wind stopped, she returned to her original state. But, what should I do? Who is so cruel and cruel to imprison her at the bottom of this dark well? Maybe the moon in the sky is just his illusion, and she is suffering in the icy cold water at the moment! He is determined to save her! I saw him lying on the edge of the well with difficulty, clinging to the edge of the well with one hand, while the other hand gently fished towards her. But when his hand just touched her face, she turned into chaos again. His hands were covered in drops of water, it must be her tears, right? Did he hurt her? Sorry, I didn’t mean to. He said to her silently in his heart. But for some unknown reason, as soon as his hand retracted, she turned back to the crescent moon she was before. She is like a naughty child who likes to play pranks, making him helpless and anxious, but pity and love… Again and again, he approached her hopefully. Time and time again, his hopes were lost. She seems to be an illusory dream, she can only watch from a distance all her life, but she has never been able to hold her son’s hand and grow old with her son. Later, he could no longer support his exhausted body and mind, and when he loosened his hand, he plunged into the well— For the first time in his life, he was so close to her. With his last breath, he kissed her bright autumn waves, her lips, her hair. She was shattered to pieces in his passionate caress, and blossomed into a lily soaked in the autumn moonlight. And he, finally fulfilled his long-cherished wish, to become one with her hunger and thirst, to indulge in her tender embrace forever, never to be separated until death… However, the moon that was hanging high in the sky was still incomparably glamorous, staring at him silently, staring at the whole world. Poor monkey, do you know? Your lifelong admiration is actually nothing but a mirror flower.

monkey fishing for the moon


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