The Dongyue Temple in the county seat is located in Nanguo. On the left and right of the gate, the god is more than ten feet tall, commonly known as “Eagle Tiger God”, which is ferocious and dreadful. The Taoist priests in the temple are given their surnames, and they burn and chant every time the rooster crows. Some thieves hid in the corridors, waited for the Taoist priests to get up, sneaked into the bedroom, and searched for the property. Nai’s room has no long things, but at the end of the recommendation, he received three hundred dollars in his waist, pulled out the pass, and was about to climb the Thousand Buddha Mountain. When traveling to the south, he arrived at the foot of the mountain. Seeing a giant man come up from the mountain, with a goshawk in his left arm, it is suitable to meet. Nearsighted, his face is bronze-blue, vaguely resembling those seen in temple gates. Fear, crouch and fight. The god was surprised and said, “Is it safe for you to steal money?” The gods ordered them to be returned to the temple, and they knelt down and guarded the money they had stolen. When the Taoist priest finished his class, he looked back in astonishment. Self-reported robbery. The Taoist took his money and sent him.

Eagle Tiger God


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