Wang Cheng, the old son of Pingyuan. The laziest in sex, the sun sets in his life, and there are only a few houses left, lying in the cow clothes with his wife, and the intercourse is unbearable.

It was hot in the midsummer. Outside the village, there is Zhou’s Garden, with all the walls and all the buildings, but only one pavilion. Many villagers live in it, and the king is also there. Now that all the sleepers are gone, the red sun and three poles begin to rise, and they want to return. Seeing a golden hairpin in the grass, picking it up, there are fine words engraved: Yibinfu system. “Wang Zu is a guest of Hengfu, an old thing in the family, there are many styles of this, because the hairpin is hesitant. A concubine came to look for the hairpin. Although Wang is poor, he has a good temperament, and he taught it quickly. Said: “The geometry of the hairpin is the legacy of my ancestors. “Q: “Who is my husband? “Answer said: “So Yibin Wang Jianzhi is also. Wang Jing said, “My ancestor, how did we meet? The woman was also startled and said, “You are the grandson of Wang Jian’s! I am a fox fairy. Hundreds of years ago, he had a relationship with the ancestor of the emperor, the ancestor of the emperor passed away, and the old body was hidden. Passing this left hairpin, it is suitable for executioners, it is not a few days! “Wang also once heard that his ancestor had a fox wife, believed her words, and invited him to look after him. The wife followed him.

When Wang Hu’s wife came out, she was defeated, and the dishes were sombre. The wife sighed and said, “Hehe! The grandson of Wang Jian’s is so poor!” Gu Baizao Wuyan said, “If the family plan is like this, how can we live happily?” The widow gave the woman a hairpin, and asked the aunt to give money to the rice, and asked to meet again in three days. Wang retained it. The woman said, “Your wife still can’t survive. I am here, and I live in the house with my back, what’s the benefit?” Then she walked away. The king told his wife the reason, and the wife was terrified. The king recited his righteousness, made his aunt serve him, and his wife promised. After three days, the fruit will arrive, and one stone each of gold grains, grains and wheat will be produced. A short bed at night with women. The woman was terrified of it at first, but then she noticed that his intention was different from boxing and boxing, so she was not suspicious.

The next day, he said to the king: “Sun Wuqing, it is advisable to practice a small business, and you can grow up by eating blackberries!” The king told him that he was unworthy. The woman said: “When your ancestor was there, Jinquan used what he took. I don’t think people outside the world need it, so I haven’t taken more. Forty taels of gold accumulated pollen still exist today. It’s useless if I store it for a long time. Shige, go to the capital every day, and you can get a little rest.” Wang Congzhi bought more than 50 pieces to return. The widow is destined to dress up, and in six or seven days, she can reach the capital of Yan. He instructed: “It is advisable to be diligent and not lazy, to be hasty and not to be slow, one day later, it will be too late to regret!” In the middle of the rain, the clothes and shoes were soaked. Wang’s life has not experienced the wind and frost, and he is overwhelmed, because he temporarily suspends the hotel. Unexpectedly, the murmuring of the twilight, the rain on the eaves is like a rope, and it is even more beneficial to spend the night in the mud. When I see people walking and walking, I am afraid of suffering. After the afternoon of the pavilion, it began to dry, and the cloudy clouds combined, and the rain was pouring again. The letter is the line. Approaching Beijing, it was rumored that Ge was expensive, and he was delighted. Entering the dismantling inn in the capital, the owner deeply regretted it was too late. First, when the South Road was first opened, Ge Zhi was rare. Baylor House was in a hurry to buy, and the price was soaring, three times more than usual. The previous day was full of purchases, and the latecomers were not disappointed. The master told the king about it. Wang Yu was not happy. The more the Gezhi grows, the lower the price, and the king refuses to sell it without profit. More than ten days later, the consumption of food is too much, and the anxiety is more beneficial. The owner persuaded to sell at a low price, and instead he planned. From then on, if you lose more than ten taels of capital, you will all get rid of it. If you get up early, you will make a reckoning. If you look into your pocket, the gold will perish. Alarmed to the master, the master did nothing. Or persuade the officer to call, and the master should be responsible for compensation. The king sighed and said, “This is what I count, so what does it do to the master?” The master heard it and was virtuous, and gave him five taels of gold to comfort him.

I thought that I couldn’t see my grandmother, and I was in a dilemma. If you see quail fighting, you will bet thousands of dollars at a time; a quail in every city will cost you more than a hundred dollars. The intention is suddenly moved, and the money in the pocket is only enough to sell quail, and the owner of the business is eager to instigate it. And let’s make an appointment to eat and drink, not to take its value. Wang Xi, go ahead. Buy Quail Yingdan, re-enter the capital. The owner is happy, congratulations on its quick sale. At night, it rained heavily until dawn, and at dawn the water was like a river, and it was still raining. Waiting for the sunny day, it lasted for several days, and it was endless. As the quail in the cage gradually died. Wang was so frightened that he didn’t know what to do. The more they died every day, only a few remained, and they were kept in a cage. Through the accommodation to peep, only one quail survives. Because he told the master, he didn’t feel the tears, and the master was also embarrassed. Wang Zi Du Jin had nowhere to go, but he wanted to die, and the master persuaded him. They went to see the quail together, and said to the truth: “This is like a heroic thing. The death of the quail is not necessarily a fight for this. You have nothing to do, please take it, as it is good, gambling can also make a living.” Wang Ruqi taught.

After being tame, the master ordered Chi to gamble on alcohol and food on the street. Quail health is very, noir wins. The master was delighted, and gave gold to the king, so Fu and his sons decided to gamble, winning three battles and three victories. Half a year of accumulation of twenty gold, the heart is more comforting, and the crane is like a life.

First, the great prince was good at quail, and each value was 100 yuan, and the people who brought the quail into the mansion Xiangjiao. The master said to the king, “It is advisable to establish great wealth today, but what I don’t know is the life of my son.” He said: “If you lose, you will be discouraged. If there is a ten thousand victory in a single quail fight, the king will definitely want to win, and you should not respond; if you are strong and strong, you can only give your first priority, and then answer it after you agree.” The king said: “Promise.” When he arrived at the residence, the quail man rubbed his shoulders under the man. After a while, the king left the palace. The left and right declarations: “If there is a willingness to fight, enter.” That is, one person tends to enter the quail. The king ordered the quails to be released, and the guests also released them. After a little hesitation, the guest quail has been defeated. Wang laughed. Oqing ascended and lost several people. The master said, “Yes.” The prime ministers and generals all ascended. Wang Xiangzhi said: “The eyes have anger veins, this is a strong feather, and the enemy should not be underestimated.” He ordered the iron beak to be the one. Prancing up again and again, and the king quail was defeated. Choose the better, and then lose again. The king urgently ordered to take the jade quail from the palace. When the film is out, Su Yu is like a heron, and the horse is extraordinary. Wang Cheng was dismayed, knelt down and begged, saying: “The king’s quail is a sacred thing, I am afraid that it will hurt my birds and lose my career.” Wang smiled and said: “If you let it go, you will die, and you should pay it generously.” Cheng Nai Indulge it. Jade Quail went straight to it. When the jade quail came, it was like an angry chicken waiting for it. A jade quail with a healthy beak will hit it like a flying crane. Advancing and retreating, the stalemate is about a volt. The jade quail gradually slackens, and its anger grows stronger and its fight becomes more urgent. After a while, the snow fur fell and fled. Thousands of spectators did not sigh with admiration. The king asked for it and took it personally, pecked it to the claws, and after the trial was over, he asked Cheng, “Is the quail available?” The answer was: “The little man has no permanent property, and he depends on each other for life, and he is unwilling to sell it.” The king said, “” The gift is of great value, and the production of the middle man can be obtained. Would you like it?” Cheng Fu thought for a long time, and said, “I don’t like it; King Gu loves it, and if he wants to make the villain get food and clothing, what else do you want?” The king asked straight and answered with a thousand gold. The king laughed and said, “Idiot man! What kind of treasure is this precious and a thousand pieces of gold?” Cheng said, “The great king does not regard it as a treasure, but this minister thinks that the jade of the city is nothing more than nothing.” The king said, “How?” , I can get a few gold every day, and I can easily raise the bucket of millet, and my family has more than ten index fingers without freezing, how is it such a treasure?” The king said, “If you don’t lose each other, you will get two hundred gold.” Cheng shook his head. Hundreds more. Cheng looked at the master, but the master didn’t change his expression, so he said, “In accordance with the king’s order, please reduce the price by one hundred.” Wang Hu said: “The quail people come, and I will give you six hundred. If you are willing, you will sell it, otherwise you will be ears.” When he fulfilled his wish, he was afraid of losing it, and said, “I am really frustrated when I sell this number. But if I don’t make it, I will get a big deal. It’s like the king’s order.” A bag of gold came out of thanks. The master said: “What do I say, my son is eager to get rid of himself! No matter how little Jin Zhi is, the eight hundred gold is in the palm of your hand.” And solidly let it go, and accept it straight away. Wang Zhi returned in disguise. When you arrive at home, you will do what you have described, and you will come out of gold to celebrate. The wife ordered 300 acres of fertile land, built a house as a tool, and was actually a family. Get up early to make Cheng supervise farming and women supervise weaving. A little Sui noir Hezhi. Husband and wife live in peace and dare not complain. After three years, the family has become rich, and the wife wants to leave. The couple held them together until they wept. The woman also stopped. Xu Dan is waiting for him, and it has already faded away. Mr. Yi Shi said: “Wealth comes from diligence, but laziness is the only thing that can make it known. I don’t know if a poor person can’t change his nature, so this day he abandoned him and finally pity him. How can there be wealth and honor in laziness? Huh!”

Wang Cheng


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