Jia Er

Chu guests have Jia Yu foreigners. A woman who lives alone, dreams of being with someone, wakes up and touches it, her husband is also small. Observing that his feelings are different from other people, he knew that he was a fox. He just got out of bed and passed away before the door was …

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Snake addiction

Wang Puling’s servant, Lv Fengning, was addicted to snakes. Every time a small snake is found, it is swallowed like an onion; the larger one is cut with a knife and eaten. Chewed clankly, blood stained Yi. And be good at smelling, taste the smell of snakes from the partition wall, rush to the outside …

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Pony crossing the river

In the stable lived an old horse and a pony. One day, the old horse said to the pony: “You have grown up, can you help your mother with something?” The pony said, “Why not? I am very willing to help you.” The old horse was happy Said, “That’s good, you can carry this half-bag …

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monkey fishing for the moon

Once upon a time, there was a monkey who fell in love with the moon. She was always changing, sometimes round, sometimes curved, looking mysterious and seductive, which made the monkey fascinated. So the monkey no longer likes the day, because during the day the moon always hides shyly and refuses to show up, and …

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Chinese story tadpole looking for mother

There are many little tadpoles in the pond, and the little tadpoles flick their tails, so handsome! What are the little tadpoles doing? They are using their long, thin tails as paintbrushes and do their homework seriously! Write and write, and write a small poem with no format; draw and draw, draw a pool of …

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Piggy loses his temper

Pangpang has met many friends at his grandmother’s house, including little rabbits, lambs and ducks. They had a great time. When we parted, Pangpang invited his friends to play at his house tomorrow. They happily promised to go. The next day, the little rabbit, the little sheep and the little duck made an appointment with …

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Chinese Liaozhai Strange Stories

“Liao Zhai Zhi Yi” (referred to as “Liao Zhai”, commonly known as “Ghost Fox Biography”) is a collection of short stories in classical Chinese written by Pu Songling, a novelist in the Qing Dynasty. The book has a total of 491 short stories (Zhang Youhe’s “Strange Stories from a Liaozhai Association”) (Zhu Qikai’s “New Notes …

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