Xincheng Zhusheng Wang Qi the latter, Fang Bo Zhongyu Gong Xiangkun’s great-grandson. Seeing a woman entering the room, her appearance is fat and black. Sitting close to the couch with a smile, it is very obscene. Wang refused to go. From this, I sit and lie down and see it, and my mind is firm and never shakes. The woman was angry and criticized her cheeks with a sound, but not too much pain. The woman put it on the cantilever beam and hanged it together. Unconsciously, Wang threw himself under the beam and drew his neck in a constricted manner. When a person sees his feet off the ground and stands upright, he cannot die. Since he was ill, he suddenly said, “He’s going to throw me into the river.” He looked at the river and ran wildly, dragging it to a stop. So many tricks, every day to do a few, the medicine is useless. One day, I suddenly saw a warrior, Wansuo, entering, and shouted angrily, “Why do you dare to disturb Mr. Pu Cheng!” When she got out of the window, the woman was no longer in human form, her eyes flashed with lightning, and her mouth was as red as a basin of blood. There are four mud ghosts in Yichenghuang Temple, one of which is absolutely unique. So sick.

temple ghost


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