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One fine day, the little ants are ready to go out to play. As soon as it walked out of the house, it heard the mother ant shouting from behind: “Baby, bring an umbrella…” The little ant ran very fast, and it thought as it ran, the mother was just nagging, the sky is so …

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Nie Xiaoqian

Ning Caichen, a native of Zhejiang, is generous in temperament and has a low self-esteem. Every pair of people said: “Life is indistinguishable.” It’s time to go to Jinhua, go to Beiguo, and undress Lanruo. The temple tower is magnificent, but Basil has no one, and it seems to be nowhere to be found. The …

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Wang Zifu, a native of Juzhiluodian, Zaogu, Juehui, and fourteen entered Pan. Mother’s favorite, usually do not travel to the countryside. The Xiao family was hired, but she died before she got married, so she did not ask for Huang. In the Yuan Dynasty, Wu Sheng, the uncle’s son, invited him to Tiaoju, and went …

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Lu sentence

Lingyang Zhu Erdan, courtesy name Xiaoming, is bold in nature, but dull, and is not well-known even though he is staunch in his studies. One day, the literary society was drinking, or the play said: “You have a great name, and you can come late at night with a judge under the left corridor of …

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temple ghost

Xincheng Zhusheng Wang Qi the latter, Fang Bo Zhongyu Gong Xiangkun’s great-grandson. Seeing a woman entering the room, her appearance is fat and black. Sitting close to the couch with a smile, it is very obscene. Wang refused to go. From this, I sit and lie down and see it, and my mind is firm …

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Xincheng Wang Qinwen Taiweng’s family has a surname Wang. He first entered Laoshan to learn Taoism. Hairy all over. After a few years, I remembered my mother and returned home, and gradually returned to fire and food, just like eating stones. If you look at it to the sun, you will know the sweetness, bitterness, …

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Dong Sheng

Dong Sheng’s word reverie, the west of Qingzhou. The winter moon is twilight, and the exhibition is on the couch and the charcoal is burning. Fang set up a bonfire and invited his friends to drink, so he went to the house. When I went to a friend’s place, there was a doctor sitting there, …

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Kim Se-sung

Jin Shicheng, a native of Changshan, is unscrupulous. He suddenly became a monk and became a head tuo. Dogs and sheep were left in the past, and they smothered them. Self-named Buddha. Fools and women behave differently, and there are thousands of people who practice the rites of discipleship. Jin He used arrows to eat …

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Eagle Tiger God

The Dongyue Temple in the county seat is located in Nanguo. On the left and right of the gate, the god is more than ten feet tall, commonly known as “Eagle Tiger God”, which is ferocious and dreadful. The Taoist priests in the temple are given their surnames, and they burn and chant every time …

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Wang Cheng

Wang Cheng, the old son of Pingyuan. The laziest in sex, the sun sets in his life, and there are only a few houses left, lying in the cow clothes with his wife, and the intercourse is unbearable. It was hot in the midsummer. Outside the village, there is Zhou’s Garden, with all the walls …

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